"We Can't Make Any More Mistakes": Tel Aviv Citizens Rally for Hostages in Gaza


"We Can't Make Any More Mistakes": Tel Aviv Citizens Rally for Hostages in Gaza
© Getty Images News/ALexi J. Rosenfeld

In Tel Aviv, a large crowd gathered, united by a single, urgent demand: the immediate return of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

A City United in Concern

The atmosphere at the square in Tel Aviv was charged with a mix of hope and desperation.

Thousands, many clutching Israeli flags and signs bearing the photos of hostages, came together in a powerful display of solidarity.

"The hourglass is running out. Free the hostages now!” read one of the many signs, encapsulating the urgency felt by the crowd.

Attendees expressed their belief that a ceasefire was essential for the safe return of the more than 100 captives still in Gaza. The prevailing sentiment was clear: without a ceasefire, the likelihood of bringing the hostages back alive diminishes.

Voices of Anguish and Resolve

The event took a somber turn as the crowd observed a moment of silence, reflecting on the recent news of three hostages accidentally killed by Israeli soldiers.

Agam Goldstein, a former hostage from Kfar Aza kibbutz, who knew two of the deceased, shared her poignant thoughts: “Bring them back now.

They are our hope, whatever is left of it”.

The rally featured an array of speeches, including emotional appeals from family members of the hostages. Notable contributions included a recorded message from New York City Mayor Eric Adams and statements from previously freed hostages.

In a symbolic gesture, attendees lit up the evening with their cellphone flashlights while singing the national anthem.

Former hostage Daniel Aloni's words resonated powerfully as he implored the Israeli government to negotiate a hostage exchange deal with Hamas: “I was there, my daughter was there.

Every day that passes is a danger to their lives. Don’t abandon the hostages — we must act now. A deal is required now. Bring them home now!”

Netanyahu’s Stance on the Crisis

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, addressing the nation, suggested that new negotiations were in progress to rescue the hostages.

He emphasized the necessity of military pressure in Gaza as a dual strategy to secure the hostages' return and achieve victory in the conflict.

“Without the military pressure, we wouldn’t have reached a framework to release 110 hostages, and only ongoing military pressure would lead to the release of all our hostages,” Netanyahu stated, underscoring the government's approach to the delicate situation.