Hamas Claims Biden and Israel Behind Gaza Hospital Massacre!


Hamas Claims Biden and Israel Behind Gaza Hospital Massacre!
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Hamas has leveled serious accusations against U.S. President Joe Biden and Israel, asserting their responsibility for alleged war crimes at Kamal Adwan Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

A Condemning Statement

Hamas, the group governing the Gaza Strip, has issued a strong condemnation, implicating both the administration of President Biden and Israel in what they describe as a "crime" at Kamal Adwan Hospital.

Their statement holds these parties responsible for a purported massacre within the hospital premises. “We hold the administration of President Biden responsible, along with the criminal occupation, for the crime of Kamal Adwan Hospital, and we demand that the occupation and its Nazi leaders be held accountable,” the statement read.

According to Hamas, reports and eyewitness testimonies from inside the hospital indicate that the Israeli army committed severe atrocities. They allege that the army bulldozed tents in the hospital yard, causing multiple casualties among the wounded and displaced.

The exact number of victims, as per the statement, remains unknown.

Allegations of War Crimes

The statement by Hamas goes on to describe the events at Kamal Adwan Hospital as part of a broader pattern of violence in the Gaza Strip.

They categorize these actions as war crimes and crimes against humanity, accusing the Israeli forces of deliberate and calculated acts meant to intimidate the Palestinian people. Furthermore, Hamas holds the Biden administration responsible for these incidents, criticizing the international community and the United Nations for failing to provide protection to the people in Gaza.

The statement describes a situation of daily violence against Palestinians, alleging inaction from the global community in stopping what they refer to as a "waterfall of blood."

"We hold the administration of President Biden responsible for these massacres, and the international community and the United Nations responsible for failing to provide the minimum protection for our people, and leaving them vulnerable to the crimes of this fascist entity that kills hundreds of our people daily, without effective action to stop the waterfall of blood in Gaza, which will remain steadfast.

At the same time, it bears witness to the crimes of the Zionists and the paralysis of the international community in protecting humanity." they concluded.

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