Ukraine aid at risk: US Congress deadlocked on funding solution


Ukraine aid at risk: US Congress deadlocked on funding solution
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If Congress doesn't approve President Joe Biden's urgent request for more money, the US will stop providing funds to Ukraine.  Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the US president has done his utmost to help the Ukrainians and their leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Without the help of the US and several countries, it would be difficult for the Ukrainians to achieve such progress and manage to resist the attacks of the Russians. The war could take a completely new form. The fear is obvious!

The Biden administration aims to unveil more military aid for Ukraine this month. However, Kirby warns that after this, there won't be any more authority to make changes without Congress acting quickly.

The Pentagon has $4.4 billion set aside to send weapons directly to Ukraine from the US Department of Defense inventory. However, there's a limit on the weapons they can send due to a shortage of funds to restock the US supply, which is nearly empty. Pentagon Comptroller Mike McCord urged Congress in a letter to address the president's $111 billion request. He highlighted its vital role in supporting Ukraine's fight for freedom and emphasized its significant national interest.

Ukrainians reacted: Potential outcomes

Ukrainians hope that they will continue to receive support from the US because this is a crucial step in the continuation of this war and the final victory of the Ukrainian side. Vladimir Putin is certainly observing this situation and realizes that this could be an important matter for him. This is precisely why US citizens and some politicians are calling for an agreement to be reached as soon as possible, and for support to Ukraine to continue in the coming days. A few days ago, the Ukrainians emphasized that they have problems with mobilization, considering that fewer and fewer Ukrainians want to go to war. Additional problems could only lead to a total upheaval in the war and a potential Russian victory.