EU sanctions against Russia approved, effective from January 1


EU sanctions against Russia approved, effective from January 1
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The European Union has stayed committed to its goals from the start of the conflict. Their aim is straightforward: to stop Russia's progress and prevent their victory. The EU just approved its twelfth set of sanctions against Russia, showing their determination.

"With this 12th package, we are putting forward a robust set of new listings and economic measures which will further weaken Russia’s war machine. Our message is clear, as I already stated when I chaired the informal Foreign Affairs Council in Kyiv: we remain steadfast in our commitment to Ukraine and will continue to support its fight for freedom and sovereignty."-Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy said.

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The European Union is aware that it must somehow stop the Russians in their intentions. This package of sanctions is special in many ways.

"The EU is imposing a prohibition on the direct or indirect import, purchase or transfer of diamonds from Russia. This prohibition applies to diamonds originating in Russia, diamonds exported from Russia, diamonds transiting Russia and Russian diamonds when processed in third countries."- it is said, as reported by!

This will surely be a big blow for the Russians for the umpteenth time. Previous sanctions packages had a huge impact in stopping their progress, and many believe that this package of sanctions will further help the Ukrainians. It is necessary for the EU to remain consistent regarding its policy towards Russia if it is imperative to stop the war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has been quiet in recent days, and it is hard to expect that he will have a concrete reaction this time as well. 

No words are needed in this case. It is clear that with each package of sanctions, Russia will have more and more problems in the future. How long Russia will be able to live in such conditions remains to be seen. Political experts believe that it won't be long.