Historic Ruling: Colorado Supreme Court Bars Trump from 2024 Presidential Race


Historic Ruling: Colorado Supreme Court Bars Trump from 2024 Presidential Race
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In a historic ruling on Tuesday, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled former US President Donald Trump ineligible to run for the White House in 2024, citing a rarely used provision of the US Constitution that limits the participation of individuals considered rebels in government.

The court's decision has significant implications, as it blocks the possibility of voting for Trump in the upcoming presidential elections, if he decides to run. This groundbreaking decision marks the first instance in US history where Section 3.14 of the Constitutional Amendment has been applied to disqualify a presidential candidate.

The provision, designed to prevent former Confederate officials from returning to power after the Civil War, barred individuals who had participated in rebellion against the United States from holding office. Colorado's highest court overturned a district judge's decision, arguing that Trump's role in the attack on the Capitol on Jan.

6, 2021, incited a rebellion. Despite the district judge's admission of Trump's involvement, they argued that it was unclear whether the constitutional provision applied to the president.

Appeal to the US Supreme Court soon

The Colorado Supreme Court, made up entirely of judges appointed by Democratic governors, emphasized the weight of their decision and their duty to apply the law impartially.

Trump's legal team quickly announced plans to appeal the ruling to the US Supreme Court, which has final jurisdiction on constitutional matters. While Trump's loss in Colorado by 13 percentage points in 2020 may not affect his campaign strategy, the broader concern is that other states could follow suit, potentially knocking him out of the race in key battleground states.

This legal battle hinges on the interpretation of Section 3 of the US Constitution, which Trump's lawyers argue does not specifically include the president among the disqualifying "officers of the United States". However, a Colorado court sided with Republican voters, arguing that the framers intended to bar insurgents from the highest offices, not just the lower ones.

However, we will wait for the appeal of Trump's legal team, and then we will know the final outcome of this extraordinary situation.