Hamas Official Statement: Intensifying Sniper Operations in Ongoing Conflict


Hamas Official Statement: Intensifying Sniper Operations in Ongoing Conflict
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In a recent statement, Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for Hamas, provided an update on the ongoing conflict, which he refers to as the 'Al-Aqsa Flood' battle. The conflict, now in its 76th day, has seen continuous aggression and escalating violence.

According to Ubaida, Hamas militants, referred to as mujahideen, have significantly impacted enemy forces. This period has been marked by extensive destruction of enemy vehicles, with over 740 various vehicles targeted since the beginning of the ground aggression.

Ubaida’s statement emphasized the recent increase in sniper operations and direct clashes with the opposing forces. Over the past week alone, more than 15 sniper operations and 12 direct clashes were reported. Ubaida asserts that the opposing side, which he refers to as the occupation, seeks to fabricate a narrative of success, celebrating minor victories such as the discovery of outdated military equipment.

The Strategy and Impact

The spokesman detailed the diverse tactics employed by Hamas militants, including sniper operations, direct clashes with machine guns, medium weapons, and hand grenades, and the use of explosive devices and anti-armor equipment.

The geographic scope of these operations extends from Beit Hanoun in the north to Khan Yunis in the south. This statement also highlights the broader context of the conflict, portraying it as a struggle against an enemy described as Nazi and arrogant.

Ubaida accuses the opposing forces of failing to learn from history, citing past assassinations and attacks that, in his view, have only strengthened the resolve and capabilities of Hamas. Furthermore, the statement addresses the issue of prisoners.

Ubaida suggests that any attempt by the enemy to recover prisoners would require accepting the conditions set by Hamas. The continuation of aggression, he argues, will not lead to the release of prisoners, dismissing the possibility of their liberation through direct military operations.

A Continuing Conflict

The conflict, as presented by Ubaida, is depicted as a relentless struggle against an enemy perceived as disconnected from the realities of the people under occupation. He asserts that the goal of eliminating the resistance is doomed to failure and emphasizes the determination of Hamas to continue its resistance.