Putin: Russia will strengthen its naval power in all strategic directions

Russia is implementing all plans for building ships and will qualitatively strengthen its naval power in all strategic directions, Russian President Vladimir Putin said today

by Sededin Dedovic
Putin: Russia will strengthen its naval power in all strategic directions
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At a recent ceremony at the "Northern Shipyard" in St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia is diligently executing its plans for naval expansion, with the goal of significantly improving its naval capabilities on strategic fronts.

The occasion was marked by the raising of naval flags on the newly commissioned ships, underscoring Russia's commitment to strengthening its naval power. Putin emphasized the introduction of state-of-the-art ships into the fleet as evidence of an advanced shipbuilding sector that is ready for mass production of warships of various classes.

"The introduction of the latest ships into the fleet is another proof that our shipbuilding is on the rise and that it is now moving towards the rhythmic, mass production of warships of various classes. This is the most important, fundamental step in the revival and development of our shipbuilding industry," Putin said, TASS reports.

Russia is currently producing more than ever

Currently, Russian shipyards are abuzz with activity, with five frigates, eight corvettes, 13 small missile ships and over 50 other vessels of various classes under construction.

Notable projects include three Borey-A nuclear-powered cruisers and five Jasen-M multipurpose nuclear submarines slated for construction in Severodvinsk on Sevmash in the next three years. In addition, the Admiralty Shipyard in St.

Petersburg is working on six diesel submarines. Putin revealed plans to build patrol ships in the Arctic, tasked with guarding navigation along the Northern Sea Route, a critical passage for maritime traffic. "Here, at the 'Northern Verf', serial construction of new frigates is underway.

From next year until 2035, the construction of a series of small and medium displacement corvettes is planned. In Tatarstan, the Zelenodolsk factory makes small missile and patrol boats," said the Russian leader. With further production possibilities, the Zelenodolsk factory in Tatarstan is actively engaged in the production of small missile and patrol boats.

This comprehensive effort reflects Russia's commitment to modernizing its navy, highlighted by recent upgrades such as Russia's formidable Tsar Alexander III nuclear-powered cruiser with 16 ICBMs and the Krasnoyarsk nuclear-powered submarine equipped with nuclear cruise missiles and torpedoes, the British newspaper reported. Daily Express.

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