Benjamin Netanyahu Asserts Continued Military Engagement in Gaza


Benjamin Netanyahu Asserts Continued Military Engagement in Gaza
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, following his return from a recent visit to Gaza, declared that Israel's military engagement in the region is far from over. In a statement released by his Likud party, Netanyahu emphasized the need for "patience, cohesion, unity, and adherence to the mission," acknowledging the prolonged nature of the conflict.

This marked his second visit to the Gaza Strip since the hostilities intensified on October 7.

Netanyahu's address to his party members revealed a firm commitment to the ongoing military operations. "We don't stop, we keep fighting and we deepen the fighting in the coming days," he asserted, reflecting a resolute stance against the adversaries.

Tension and Emotional Appeals in the Knesset

During a special session of the Israeli parliament on Monday, the atmosphere grew tense as Netanyahu was confronted by vocal family members of hostages. As he spoke, they held up posters and signs bearing the images and names of their loved ones, expressing their agony and urgency.

The Prime Minister, recounting his interactions with a brigade commander in Gaza, stated that more time was needed to accomplish the military objectives. This elicited immediate reactions from the families, who chanted in unison, "Now!

Now! Now!" Their fervent appeals underscored the critical nature of the situation and the desperate need for resolution.

Netanyahu attempted to address these concerns by citing past discussions with families of fallen soldiers.

"Our sons did not die in vain. We must not stop the war until we secure the complete victory over those who wish us dead," he quoted.

However, this sentiment was met with repeated chants from the gallery, amplifying the emotional charge of the moment.

The signs held by family members spoke volumes.

Messages like “We trust you to bring them home,” and “80 days, each minute is like hell,” painted a vivid picture of their distress. Another rotating sign poignantly asked, “What if this were your daughter,” switching between “daughter,” “father,” and “brother,” to humanize the crisis further.

In his concluding remarks, Netanyahu reassured, “We spare no effort. We will shake every tree and turn every stone to bring back all the kidnapped. Each one of them is precious”.
He acknowledged the heartrending personal stories of the families, underscoring the unified national spirit in this "holy mission."

Context of the Crisis

The gravity of the situation is highlighted by the statistics provided by the prime minister's office, indicating that 129 hostages are still in Gaza, with 22 confirmed fatalities.

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