TomTom and Microsoft: Revolutionary AI Car Assistant, New Era of Smart Driving

The company known for developing GPS platforms has teamed up with Microsoft to develop this AI assistant that will allow users to talk to the system in a natural way

by Sededin Dedovic
TomTom and Microsoft: Revolutionary AI Car Assistant, New Era of Smart Driving
© TomTom / Youtube channel

Dutch car navigation maker TomTom has unveiled plans for a cutting-edge "fully integrated AI car assistant" that will revolutionize the driving experience. An innovative AI assistant is set to debut on in-vehicle infotainment systems in the near future, promising users a more advanced level of voice interaction.

This revolutionary technology aims to simplify and improve various aspects of driving by allowing users to engage with the system in a natural way. To realize this vision, TomTom collaborated with the technology giant Microsoft.

The AI assistant uses OpenAI's large language models and includes Microsoft products such as Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Cognitive Services. Cosmos DB, a multi-model database, and Cognitive Services, a set of APIs for AI applications, work in tandem to create a powerful and versatile AI assistant that leverages the latest technologies.

The possibilities are endless, and the guys at the company seem to be working hard.

Introducing the revolutionary AI voice assistant soon

According to TomTom, the voice assistant will be seamlessly integrated into various interfaces provided by leading car manufacturers.

Despite this integration, the company emphasizes that automakers will retain control over their brand and core features. This suggests that the AI assistant could find its way into vehicles from various manufacturers, although specific partnerships have not yet been announced.

While this marks TomTom's latest foray into integrating large language models into cars, it's not the company's first attempt. In June, Mercedes launched a three-month beta program that includes the implementation of ChatGPT in select vehicles, demonstrating the potential of language models in automotive technology, but this is something quite different that is likely to have a global impact.

TomTom plans to unveil its AI assistant at CES in January, offering a closer look at its functionality and capabilities. The company is moving towards making driving safer and more enjoyable, the AI assistant represents a significant step forward in the union of artificial intelligence and automotive technology.