Tesla's Texas Factory: Engineer Attacked by Robot in Shocking Incident

He was attacked by a robot designed to grab and move freshly cast car parts, the robot dug its "claws" into the worker's navel and left arm

by Sededin Dedovic
Tesla's Texas Factory: Engineer Attacked by Robot in Shocking Incident
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In a shocking incident at a Tesla factory in Texas, a Tesla engineer was struck by a malfunctioning robot. The unfortunate event, documented in the 2021 Worker Injury Report obtained by the Daily Mail, raises significant concerns about the safety of automated robots in the workplace.

The incident happened in the presence of two other workers when the robot, designed to grab and move freshly cast car parts, unexpectedly became aggressive. The robot's mechanical claws dug into the engineer's navel and left arm, causing both physical injury and psychological distress.

No sick leave for the worker

Although the injury report, a legal requirement for Tesla to retain lucrative tax breaks in Texas, claims the engineer did not require sick leave, skepticism is emerging. An attorney representing Tesla workers, Hanna Alexander, expressed doubt about the accuracy of injury reporting, suggesting that the number of injuries at the factory could be significantly lower.

Aleksandar revealed: "My advice would be to read that report with a grain of salt. We had several injured workers. One even died, and his injuries or death are not included in these reports that Tesla needs to submit to the authorities in order to get tax breaks." While Tesla has not reported any other robot-related injuries at the Texas factory in 2021 or 2022, the attack underscores the need for a thorough examination of safety protocols and practices.

This incident is particularly poignant in light of the tragic death of a contractor named Antelmo Ramirez, who succumbed to heat stroke while helping to build Tesla's Giga Texas factory. The imperative for companies should be to prioritize employee well-being and thoroughly assess the potential risks associated with automated technologies in their facilities.

In the wake of this disturbing incident, Tesla is facing increased scrutiny over its workplace safety practices. As the "conflict" between employees and automated technologies evolves, it underscores the critical need for comprehensive security measures.

A broader conversation is needed about the development of the relationship between humans and machines in the modern industrial landscape, because the world's largest companies rely heavily on robots in factories.

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