Macron Expresses Concern for Gaza in Call with Netanyahu


Macron Expresses Concern for Gaza in Call with Netanyahu
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French President Emmanuel Macron, in a recent phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, expressed his profound concern regarding the escalating civilian toll in Gaza. The conversation, detailed in a readout from the Elysée Palace, highlighted Macron's emphasis on the "absolute humanitarian emergency" facing Gaza's civilian population.

During the call, Macron underscored the critical need for Israel to protect civilians amidst the ongoing conflict. He conveyed the urgency of delivering necessary aid to the people of Gaza, addressing the dire humanitarian situation that has evolved in the region.

Working Towards a Ceasefire

Furthermore, Macron stressed the importance of establishing a lasting ceasefire. He emphasized collaboration with regional and international partners to achieve this goal. This approach signifies a concerted effort to bring stability to the region, recognizing the complex dynamics at play.

In a move to directly contribute to relief efforts, Macron revealed that France, in collaboration with Jordan, plans to carry out humanitarian operations in Gaza in the coming days. This initiative reflects France's active role in addressing the crisis and providing much-needed assistance to the affected population.

Focus on Hostages and Settlements

Another critical issue raised by Macron was the release of hostages in Gaza, including three French nationals. This matter was highlighted as a priority for France, with Netanyahu updating Macron on Israel's efforts to secure their release.

Macron requested continued efforts for their safe return, illustrating the French government's commitment to its citizens' safety and well-being. Additionally, Macron addressed concerns over violence against Palestinian civilians by certain settlers and new settlement projects in the West Bank.

He stressed these actions' potential to undermine the two-state solution, a stance that France considers vital for Israel's long-term security and fulfilling the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians. Reaffirming France's commitment to Israel's security, Macron recalled the steps taken within the European Union framework, including sanctions against Hamas and measures with international partners against groups threatening regional peace and stability.

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