US delivered the final military aid to Kyiv, and Ukrainians still believe in victory


US delivered the final military aid to Kyiv, and Ukrainians still believe in victory
© Getty Images News/Alexey Furman

The White House approved $250 million in military aid for Ukraine, covering air defenses, artillery, and anti-tank weapons. However, talks in Congress stalled, risking Ukraine's war efforts and finances. Republican stalls, tying aid to border security, halted a $50 billion package. Despite broad support, a final deal hinges on Congress acting swiftly. Blinken stressed the urgency, emphasizing aid's role against Russian aggression. Hungary's block on a €50 billion EU aid package adds pressure as Ukraine faces a $43 billion deficit, risking salary and pension delays without Western aid.  This kind of help, which has been constant since the beginning of the war, is one of the main reasons why the Ukrainians managed to resist and defend themselves against a stronger opponent.


A recent survey by the Ilko Kucheriv Foundation found that 88% of Ukrainians believe in victory, down from 78% last year. Only 5% doubt it. Short-term victory is expected by 58%, with 6% foreseeing it in a few months and 21% by summer 2024. Regional differences exist, with 16% in the East and 25% in the South expecting victory by 2024. The survey included 2019 adults aged 18+, with a potential error margin of 2.3%. Consequences of Russian aggression, like forced evacuations, may have caused further deviations.

Among the population, however, there is a fear of how long this war will last and what it may bring in the coming period. The fact is that both sides lose a lot from this war, in every sense. It is necessary to find the right solution and solve a problem that has been going on for years. Compromise, responsibility, and honesty are necessary for such a thing. That is currently lacking on both sides, it seems. Ukrainians hope that the "nightmare" will have its end and that they will once again live in peace and prosperity.

Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian leader, tries to be optimistic in these difficult times and expects a final victory! Help from the US will definitely come in handy to get closer to achieving their goal.