Russian politician: US and Europe should not send money to Ukraine, they are corrupt!


Russian politician: US and Europe should not send money to Ukraine, they are corrupt!
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Peskov, the spokesperson for the Russian president, thinks that more money given by Western countries to Ukraine won't change the war's direction. He criticized the European Union's plan to offer 20 billion euros in financial aid, saying it would harm the economies of EU countries already facing difficulties. 

Peskov also mentioned how both the USA and Europe are aware of the high level of corruption in Ukraine, suggesting that a lot of the money might be stolen.  It is a fact that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries, but it is also a fact that they are in a difficult situation, and this kind of help gives them the security that they can defend themselves against the enemy in the next period.

He emphasized that taxpayers from these countries might not be happy about this situation. Additionally, Peskov noted that there are disagreements within the EU about continuing to provide this financial support, as it could be used to sustain a war with unclear goals and questionable effectiveness.

Russia warns Finland

Finland joining NATO wouldn't help much, according to Russia's representative, Mikhail Ulyanov. He worries Finland might face trouble being caught between Russia and NATO. Ulyanov fears Finland could be hurt if things get worse and hopes that doesn't happen. He mentioned a recent deal between Finland and the US, allowing American troops into 15 Finnish military spots, as a big challenge for Russia.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Finland has been mentioned as one of the potential targets for the Russians. The inhabitants of Finland hope that the Russians will not make radical moves, and do the same as they did in Ukraine. It would be chaos for everyone, considering that many consider it a sign of World War III.  Political analysts believe that this kind of situation can only create more problems.

However, it is difficult to predict what could happen in the next few days, months and years. The situation is unpredictable.

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