Argentina's New Leadership Maintains Diplomatic Continuity with Russia


Argentina's New Leadership Maintains Diplomatic Continuity with Russia
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Under the leadership of President Javier Milei, Argentina's new government has indicated a commitment to maintaining existing agreements with Moscow, according to Russian Ambassador to Buenos Aires Dmitry Feoktistov. This assurance comes despite shifts in Argentina's foreign policy priorities under Milei's administration.

Diplomatic Relations and Economic Ties

Feoktistov, speaking at an embassy reception, relayed his interactions with top Argentinian officials, including the president, vice president, and foreign minister.

He emphasized that the new government's initial contact gave reason to believe that Argentina and Russia would continue their friendly relations.

"Our initial contact with the Argentinian authorities, including the president, the vice president and the foreign minister, showed that despite the startling coming to power of Milei’s team, there is reason to believe that our countries will maintain friendly relations even though the priorities that have been announced include the US, Israel and the West in general.

We have been assured that there will be no review of previously signed documents. There will be no setbacks in any areas," the ambassador stated.

In a 90-minute meeting with Argentinian diplomat Diana Mondino, it was conveyed that Argentina is open to maintaining dialogue and fostering relations with Russia, particularly in trade, economic, and investment cooperation.

Feoktistov highlighted a "good attitude" towards Russia that persists in Argentina.

Milei's Foreign Policy Approach

Milei, who took office on December 10, had expressed during his campaign a lack of intent to strengthen relations with Brazil, China, and Russia, citing disagreements with their policies.

However, he also clarified that he would not hinder private companies from conducting business with these countries. Milei's administration has identified Israel and the US as Argentina's priority allies, signaling a potential shift in the country's foreign policy orientation.

This approach by Argentina's new leadership represents a nuanced balance between maintaining established diplomatic ties and redirecting foreign policy priorities. As Milei's administration settles in, the international community will closely watch how these diplomatic and trade relationships evolve.

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