Ukraine's Foreign Minister Critiques Europe's War Preparedness


Ukraine's Foreign Minister Critiques Europe's War Preparedness
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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has recently voiced concerns about Europe's preparedness and capabilities in modern warfare. His comments highlight the ongoing challenges Ukraine faces in its conflict with Russia and the crucial role of Western support in this scenario.

Evaluating Europe's Military Production

Kuleba, in an interview with the Kiev Independent newspaper, expressed his views on Europe's approach to warfare and arms production.

"Europe does not know how to fight wars. Arms production is not the most popular business," he stated.

He pointed out that European allies have spent excessive time debating the increase in weapons and ammunition production. The primary issue, according to Kuleba, lies not in the quality of European weapons but in the scaling of technological weapon production.

"It will not be enough if the situation does not change. And then Russia will be ahead of us," Kuleba warned, underlining the urgency of enhancing production capacities.
Despite these criticisms, Kuleba acknowledged the significant role of Western nations in equipping Ukrainian forces with modern weaponry, including long-range missiles.

He revealed that F-16 fighter-bombers are expected to join Ukraine's arsenal. Nevertheless, his greater concern lies in the pace of defense production rather than the acquisition of new weapon types.

The Need for Coordinated Military Actions

Kuleba emphasized the need for coordinated efforts among the military-industrial complexes of the EU, the US, and their allies.

This collaboration is deemed essential to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities in the face of Russian aggression. Over the past year, Kiev has received substantial military aid, with over $24 billion from Washington alone.

The EU has contributed nearly $90 billion in military aid since February 2022. Despite this, Ukraine continues to call for additional supplies of ammunition and military equipment, including aircraft, to sustain its defensive efforts.

Kuleba's remarks shed light on the complexities of military support in the context of modern warfare and the critical need for strategic collaboration among Ukraine's allies to counterbalance Russian advances.

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