Over 21,000 Palestinians Killed: Hamas Accuses Israel of Genocide


Over 21,000 Palestinians Killed: Hamas Accuses Israel of Genocide
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Hamas has declared that over 21,600 Palestinians, a significant number being women and children, have been killed in the ongoing conflict with Israel. The statement, released amidst an 84-day confrontation, accuses the Israeli government of genocidal actions and widespread war crimes, including the use of banned weapons and the torture of civilians.

This portrayal of events frames the conflict as not only a military confrontation but as a humanitarian crisis of significant proportions. The statement alleges that the Israeli government, led by Prime Minister Netanyahu, has failed to achieve its stated objectives despite the heavy toll on Palestinian life and infrastructure.

It emphasizes the resilience of the Palestinian people and their refusal to succumb to what they term as systematic genocide and ethnic cleansing.

International Response and Accountability

Hamas holds not only Israel but also the United States, particularly the Biden administration, accountable for the ongoing conflict.

They argue that the U.S. has played a direct role in sponsoring and orchestrating what they call a genocide. This accusation extends to the international community, criticizing their inaction despite global protests and a majority vote at the UN General Assembly for a ceasefire.

The statement expresses disappointment in the global community's failure to intervene effectively, framing it as a dark chapter in human history. There is a clear call for international accountability and a plea for more robust action against what they describe as an "entitled fascist regime."

"We assure our people, the Palestinian people, and our allies and friends worldwide that in spite of the huge destruction caused by Israel's brutal war machine and in spite of the large number of casualties, the Netanyahu regime has failed miserably in their attempt to break the will and spirit of the Palestinian people.

Our people will continue to deny Netanyahu any victory." the statement said.

The Path Forward

Despite the grim circumstances, the statement ends on a note of resilience and determination. Hamas reiterates its commitment to resistance, denying any perceived victories by Israel.

They extend warm wishes to Palestinian Christians and acknowledge the solidarity shown by churches around the world. Hamas insists on no negotiations or prisoner swaps while the conflict continues. However, they express openness to initiatives that could end the Israeli offensive.

The statement concludes by saluting the Palestinian people's steadfastness and the global community's support through protests and boycotts.