Displaced Palestinians in Rafah Face Rising Food Prices and Intense Overcrowding


Displaced Palestinians in Rafah Face Rising Food Prices and Intense Overcrowding
© Getty Images/Ahmad Hasaballah

The ongoing occupation of Gaza has led to a severe humanitarian crisis, with displaced Palestinians facing increasingly desperate conditions. In Rafah, located in the southern part of Gaza and known as its most densely populated area, the situation is particularly grim.

Tens of thousands have fled to Rafah, exacerbating the already difficult living conditions. Abu Misbah, a 51-year-old building worker, is struggling to support his family of ten in these challenging circumstances. In a recent conversation with CNN, he described the extent of their hardship.

"The way I am getting by is by begging here and there and taking help from anyone," he shared. His account highlights the dire economic situation, with basic necessities like vegetables and fruit becoming unaffordable.
Misbah's children crave oranges, a simple request, yet out of reach for the family.

The war has drastically altered the lives of many such as Misbah, who was once part of Gaza's middle class. "We never [been] through this situation before," he lamented. "Now, since the war, we are buying dates — which we used to find everywhere for free."

Escalating Costs and Scarcity

Umm Omar, 50, also displaced in Rafah, is enduring similar hardships.

Living in a tent with her family, she returned home during a truce only to find it heavily damaged.

"We are nine people in a tent of two meters by one meter," she said. The family had to purchase the tent themselves, with no external aid.

Omar shared that they rely on canned food, with prices for most items quadrupled since the onset of the war. Moreover, accessing medication has become a significant challenge. The situation in Gaza is reflected in the despairing scenes around aid trucks, with large groups of civilians scrambling for food and other necessities.

The United Nations has issued a warning about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in southern Gaza, emphasizing that the amount of aid entering the enclave is "woefully inadequate."

The Urgent Need for Humanitarian Aid

This escalating crisis in Gaza calls for immediate and substantial humanitarian aid.

Families like those of Abu Misbah and Umm Omar are facing extreme hardship, struggling to meet basic needs in a war-torn environment. The international community's response, though present, remains insufficient to address the growing needs of those affected by the conflict.