Zelensky: By giving us money, you are saving your children

Interesting statements were made by the Ukrainian president, who claims that when money is sent to Ukraine, it is actually not aid to Ukraine, but to those who sent the money

by Sededin Dedovic
Zelensky: By giving us money, you are saving your children
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In a recent interview with The Economist, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky highlighted Ukraine's resilience to Russian aggression in 2023. He proudly claimed that Putin's army failed to capture a single major city, while Ukraine successfully broke through the Russian blockade of the Black Sea, facilitating the transport of millions of tons of grain — an achievement he called a "tremendous result".

However, Zelensky expressed concern about the diminishing sense of urgency from the West in supporting Ukraine. "Maybe we didn't succeed in 2023 as the world wanted. Maybe not everything is happening as fast as someone imagined.

But the thought that Putin is winning is nothing more than a feeling. And the reality is that Russian troops are dying in places like Avdiyevka." Zelensky said. British defense intelligence sources estimate that if current trends continue, Russia could have more than 500,000 casualties, including those killed and wounded, by 2025.

Zelensky sees no fundamental steps towards peace from Russia and sees the ongoing conflict as an indication terrorist nations rather than a genuine effort to freeze hostilities.

By giving us money, you are helping yourself

In a warning to the international community, Zelensky emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine.

"By giving us money or weapons, you are supporting yourself. You are saving your children, not ours. If Russia is allowed to take Ukrainian children, they will take other children as well. And if Russia violates the rights of Ukrainians, it will violate the rights of the whole world," warned Zelensky.

. Zelensky's impassioned plea extended to the potential consequences of Ukraine's defeat. He warned that if Ukraine falls, Putin could expand his aggressive actions closer to the West. "Putin feels weakness like an animal because he is an animal.

He feels blood, he feels its power. And he will eat you for dinner with all your EU, NATO, freedom and democracy," Zelenski said. Furthermore, Zelensky revealed that the intelligence services of several European countries are studying the possibility of Russia carrying out attacks on their territories.

He stressed that even nations outside the former USSR are under scrutiny, pointing to growing concerns about the potential spread of Russian aggression beyond Ukraine's borders.