The Guardian calls for King Charles III's abdication

The British newspaper would like the Sovereign to abdicate in favor of his son Williams, Prince of Wales

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The Guardian calls for King Charles III's abdication
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King Charles III's 2023 has been eventful. From the coronation to the management of the royal family, which sees a total clash between Williams, Prince of Wales and his wife Kate Middleton against the Dukes Harry and Meghan Markle.

Now, King Charles III finds himself contested in the middle, between the emotion of the fans and The Guardian, who asks for his abdication in favor of his son William. In the most important moment of the coronation, Prince William knelt before King Charles, promising loyalty and support.

What exactly happened after his speech became the most moving moment of the entire ceremony. The King whispered the words: "Thank you, William," which, due to the tenderness with which they were pronounced, moved the fans.

But what does The Guardian ask King Charles III?

The well-known British newspaper The Guardian called, with an editorial, for the abdication of King Charles, as he had lived over 70 years waiting for his coronation.

Simon Jenkins in fact asked in one of his editorials that Charles III step aside to allow William (and his wife Kate) to ascend to the throne. Jenkins asked King Charles to do like the 83-year-old Queen of Denmark Margrethe II, who, on January 1, 2024, announced that she was stepping down in favor of her son Frederik, after 50 years of reign.

The editorial would have highlighted some shortcomings of the British monarchy, showing its archaism and inadequacy compared to the current times.

King Charles III and Camilla© Stephen Pond / Stringer Getty Images Entertainment

According to YouGov, Charles III is popular in opinion polls with 52% of English people, William is at 69%.

The Daily Mail, the Guardian's rival tabloid, believes that King Charles III could reign for 5-10 years and then abdicate in favor of William. To prepare for the succession, Bedell Smith revealed how Charles III relied on his daughter-in-law Kate Middleton to create a more modern image of the British crown and to launch new programs and social initiatives.

"King Charles and Kate Middleton get along very well: the King is closer to his daughter-in-law than to her son, Prince William," she said.