President Joe Biden convenes congressional leaders on aid to Kiev

The White House lashes out at Congress: "Congress' failure to act endangers the United States"

by Lorenzo Ciotti
President Joe Biden convenes congressional leaders on aid to Kiev
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The role of the United States in the conflicts in the heart of Europe and in the Middle East is obviously decisive, and in this way, the White House focuses on how to balance aid and diplomacy, in order to avoid a military escalation that would inevitably lead to a conflict of planetary dimensions.

President Joe Biden called top congressional leaders to the White House to highlight Ukraine's security needs as it continues to fight Russia's nearly two-year invasion. Biden would like to approve $110 billion in aid to Ukraine, but that money is still currently stalled.

At the end of the meeting, in a note from the White House, Biden underlined the importance of Congress ensuring Ukraine has the resources it needs, including air defense and artillery capabilities to defend itself from Russia's brutal invasion.

"Congress's continued failure to act endangers the national security of the United States, the NATO alliance, and the rest of the free world. The President called on Congress to quickly provide additional funding to support Ukraine and send a strong signal of US resolve," explained The White House.

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What is happening in these hours between Ukraine and Russia

According to a source in the Ukrainian special services, last night the Intelligence forces of the Ministry of Defense attacked an oil depot in St.

Petersburg with the use of modern Ukrainian means. Kiev also carried out a series of raids on the Russian region of Belogorod. Local governor Vyacheslav Gladkov revealed how a woman suffered a shrapnel wound to her right knee joint.

Furthermore, in the village of Myasoedovo near Belgorod, two private homes suffered extensive damage. Not only. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces revealed how Russia has lost 373,600 soldiers in Ukraine since the start of the war on February 24, 2022.

According to the report, Russia also lost 6,147 tanks, 11,410 armored fighting vehicles, 11,794 vehicles and fuel tanks, 8,835 artillery systems, 966 multiple launch rocket systems, 653 air defense systems, 331 aircraft, 324
helicopters, 6,925 drones, 23 boats and a submarine.

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