Houthi leader ridiculed Biden: Announced attacks on all US and UK ships

He stated that Biden, although he could barely walk, traveled 9,000 km to attack those who defend the oppressed people of Gaza

by Sededin Dedovic
Houthi leader ridiculed Biden: Announced attacks on all US and UK ships
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In a televised speech, Syed Abdul Malik al-Houthi, the leader of Yemen's Houthi movement, took a direct hit at US President Joseph Biden, mocking him for his recent difficulty climbing the stairs from an airplane. "Biden is an old man who can barely climb the stairs," the Houthi leader said with a smile.

Al-Houthi questioned Biden's priorities, noting that the president, despite physical challenges, managed to travel 9,000 kilometers to launch attacks on those who support the oppressed people of Gaza. Al-Houthi said Israel had failed to achieve its goals in the Gaza Strip while persisting in what he described as mass killings of the Palestinian people.

During his televised address, he made several accusations and insults against President Biden. "The Israeli enemy has failed to achieve its goals, but continues with its crimes. During the past 104 days, they have committed over 2,000 massacres and genocides against the Palestinian people," said Syed Abdul Malik al-Houthi.

In addition to criticizing Biden and Israel, al-Houthi criticized the lack of concrete actions by international organizations. He condemned the passive role of these entities, accusing them of merely observing the ongoing crisis without taking any significant steps to intervene and stop the bloodshed.

He said that this is a historical moment when the international order and law were destroyed, because this proved that the Western powers do not respect international law when they commit crimes. Turning his attention to the naval asset, al-Houthi issued a stern warning to the United States and Britain.

He asserted that American and British ships, as well as vessels linked to Israel, would remain targets of the Yemeni armed forces in the Red Sea. Yemen continues to resist what it perceives as external interference. Al-Houthi specifically lashed out at the United States, claiming that the country has a dark history of committing crimes against various peoples around the world.

"If the Americans believe that they have the right to come from more than 9,000 kilometers away to our region, then how come we don't have the right to stand by the Palestinian people when they are part of us?" al-Houthi asked.