IDF Reveals Hostage Tunnels: UK Defense Minister Shapps Seeks Palestine State

Drawings of an underage boy were found in the tunnels, which gave additional emotion to this discovery

by Sededin Dedovic
IDF Reveals Hostage Tunnels: UK Defense Minister Shapps Seeks Palestine State
© Amir Levy / Getty Images

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari announced the discovery of the tunnel in Khan Yunis, located in southern Gaza. The tunnels, believed to have been used to hold hostages, were found during military operations in the area.

Hagari revealed that the soldiers located the entrance to the tunnels inside the house of the Hamas terrorist in Khan Yunis. After entering the tunnels, there was a conflict with the terrorists, which resulted in the elimination of the extremists.

The underground passage was equipped with explosives and had an armored door. However, to the surprise of Israeli forces, no hostages were found inside. According to Hagari, witness statements show that around 20 hostages were held in the tunnels at different times.

Conditions inside the tunnels are described as extremely inhumane, with limited daylight, lack of oxygen and high humidity, making it difficult for prisoners to breathe. A shocking discovery inside the tunnel was a drawing by a five-year-old child, which added a human element to this dark situation.

The IDF claims that this is the harsh reality facing hostages in terrorist secret locations.

Grant Shapps: A Palestinian state is the only option

In the midst of these events, British Defense Minister Grant Shapps expressed his disappointment with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's position on the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Shapps said Netanyahu's rejection of the two-state solution was disheartening, noting that a sovereign Palestinian state was the only viable option. "It's disappointing to hear Netanyahu not believe in a two-state solution.

Frankly, he's been saying that throughout his political career, as far as I can tell. I don't think we're going to have a solution unless there's a two-state solution," Shapps noted in an interview with Sky News. Shapps reiterated the UK's support for a two-state solution, rejecting alternative options. The statement comes likely in response to Netanyahu's recent claim during a phone call with US President Joseph Biden, where he asserted that Israel's security needs precluded the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state.

The situation is still tense, lately the fighting has intensified, and the IDF and Netanyahu are very nervous because of the failure of the battlefield. The war has been going on for the third month already, and Israel is hardly making progress anymore with huge losses in manpower and equipment.

An additional problem for them is Yemen, which has declared war against Israel, the USA, and the UK, and which, by constantly attacking ships in the Suez Canal, prevents the arrival of aid in equipment and armaments to Israel. Everything seems to be approaching the end of this conflict.