Trump Triumphs in New Hampshire: Interesting statements from both candidates

Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primary, cementing his position to win the Republican presidential nomination

by Sededin Dedovic
Trump Triumphs in New Hampshire: Interesting statements from both candidates
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As we announced, Donald Trump won the primaries in New Hampshire, which strengthened his position for winning the Republican presidential candidacy, The Guardian reports. Donald Trump is surely moving towards the candidacy, and the victory over his only remaining rival, Nikki Haley, is something that everyone was expecting, even though Trump himself suggested that it would be uncertain.

Haley briefly threatened to rein in the former president, but Trump is stronger than ever. Everything seen so far suggests that it will be an easy path to the nomination for Trump, who also easily won the Iowa caucuses last week.

It would be a real miracle if in the end he is not the candidate, because people from the Republican Party are aware that Trump is their best chance. Addressing supporters in Nashua, Trump took a victory lap with a combative speech that included sharp criticism of Haley.

As we are used to from the former president, he was a bit arrogant. "She had a very bad night, she's third in Iowa, and she's still hanging around," Trump said. Haley, who labeled Trump a "chaos" candidate, promised a more progressive and modern Republican party policy.

She surged in the polls in New Hampshire in mid-December, but was unable to capitalize on that momentum Tuesday night. Instead of a tough battle with Trump, she didn't even manage to come close to Trump. Although she didn't do well in New Hampshire, Haley will soon continue her journey, and her next destination is her home state of South Carolina, where the vote will be held next month.

While speaking to supporters in Concord on Tuesday, Haley congratulated Trump on his victory but stressed the importance of the upcoming races and stressed that this is just the beginning and the real fight is yet to come.

New Hampshire is number one in the country. It's not the last in the country," Haley told supporters in Concord. "This race is far from over. There are dozens of states left, and next is my sweet state of South Carolina.

" However, although Haley is looking forward to the election of a candidate in her state, according to polls Trump maintains a significant lead in South Carolina, so it is unclear how these primaries could reshape the dynamics of the race.

Haley has presented herself as a centrist Republican, while Trump has continued to offer right-wing populism at a series of rallies in recent days. Haley was Trump's only serious contender in New Hampshire after Ron DeSantis dropped out on Sunday.

Of course, even if he hadn't given up, it wouldn't have changed much, which DeSantis was probably aware of. In a speech to supporters after the election, Trump mocked Haley's efforts to downplay her loss in New Hampshire, saying, "Let's not let someone win when she had a very bad night.

" Buoyed by the victory, Trump made some statements while Haley stuck to her campaign message that Trump is unable to lead the Republican Party into a promising future, citing the former president's numerous legal battles. Trump is now charged with 91 felonies in four criminal cases, and spent most of the past week in court on a defamation case.

Haley obviously saw this as a weak point of her opponent, so not only in New Hampshire, but since the beginning of this year, she highlighted criminal cases in order to discredit Trump. Of course the election race is dirty and the candidates often use some controversial methods, but it seems that people in the Republican Party don't really care about Donald Trump's legal battles.

"With Donald Trump, you have one bout of chaos after another — this lawsuit, this controversy, this tweet, this high-profile moment, you can't fix Joe Biden's chaos with Republican chaos," Haley said.

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But regardless of the attempts to discredit it, it seems that Trump's routine is still attractive.

Tina Lorenz, who said she has supported Donald Trump since 2016, was among those who voted for the former president on Tuesday. She told the audience that if the USA wants to be asked again at the global level, it can only succeed with Trump.

"He represents the American people. He doesn't need money, he doesn't need fame and fortune. He already has all that," said 63-year-old Lorenz. Although the candidates have a long way to go, the results in New Hampshire suggest that Trump is very likely to become the presidential candidate of his party for the third election in a row.

On the other hand, for the Democratic party, it is also very likely that the current president, Joe Biden, will win. This all means that we will see a rematch and that it will be very exciting. Trump won Iowa and New Hampshire, and it seems that more and more Republican lawmakers are lining up to support him, even those who were not on his side in the last election.

Former presidential candidate Tim Scott also addressed New Hampshire. We remind you that he gave up the primary race in November and last week he publicly supported Trump. He had a very impressive speech, he announced one of the most important elections in the history of the USA.

He called on Republicans to unite and support the former president if they really want to make America great again. "It is time for the Republican Party to unite around our candidate and the next President of the United States: Donald Trump. Let's get that party started tonight,” Scott said.

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