Tucker Carlson confirmed the interview: "We are not here for Putin, but for the USA"

The interview will be available on his website and will be shared by X owner Elon Musk

by Sededin Dedovic
Tucker Carlson confirmed the interview: "We are not here for Putin, but for the USA"
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Tucker Carlson, a prominent figure associated with the extreme right and former Fox News host, caused much controversy on Tuesday by confirming his visit to Moscow to interview Vladimir Putin. So, after several days of speculation, Carlson finally admitted what was the purpose of his visit to Moscow.

He announced that he will soon broadcast a conversation with the Russian president, with the aim of countering what he called "pro-Ukrainian bias" in Western media coverage of the war, according to The Guardian. Speculations about Carlson's trip to the Russian capital to meet with Putin, which we also wrote about, have been spreading for days.

He says the American public deserves to hear about the motives behind the invasion of Ukraine. "We came to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin and we will do it soon. There are risks in doing these types of interviews and we have been thinking about this for several months.

We are doing it because we are journalists. It has been two years since the start of the war that reshaped the world, and most "The American people are not being informed about this. They need to know that they are paying a huge price for this.

This is a disaster, thousands of people have died so far," Carlson said. The interview will be uncensored and completely free to watch on the X platform. The exact date has not been announced, but we believe that it will soon see the light of day.

He once again expressed his patriotism towards the USA, something for which many accuse him of being a traitor and that it is just a mask. "The media is corrupt. They lie to their readers and viewers. We are not here because we love Putin.

We are here because we love the United States of America. We want it to remain prosperous and free," Carlson said. However, Carlson's visit, which included cultural excursions to the Bolshoi Ballet and fine dining, drew accusations that he was serving as Putin's propaganda mouthpiece through this interview and that he had arrived on instructions.

It is likely that the interview was prepared with questions that Putin knew and asked for himself, but until we look at the conversation we cannot claim that it is propaganda.

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Russian media, on the other hand, hailed Carlson as a "truth-teller." Sergei Karasov, one of the members of Putin's party, said that Tucker Carlson is a man who can prevent a big war and who is truly a true peacemaker.

"This can only be positive on both sides, Tucker brings the true image of the president closer to the American population, they just need to give him a chance." In a post on Platform X on Tuesday, Carlson presented the upcoming interview as an opportunity for Americans to understand the "truth" about the Ukraine conflict amid what he portrays as baseless accusations propagated by the Western media.

He claims that the majority of ordinary people do not understand the situation at all, and the information is drawn from mainstream pro-Ukrainian media. "Most Americans are not aware of Putin's motives for invading Ukraine or his current goals," Carlson said in a four-minute video recorded in Moscow after the interview.

He announced that the interview, uncensored, will be available on his website and will be shared by X owner Elon Musk at a specific time. This has already been announced as a historic interview, and after the confirmation of the interview, there is great anticipation.

"The American public has never heard directly from Putin. That is unacceptable. They have a right to be fully informed about the wars their nation is involved in," he asserted. "On the contrary, Western governments will probably try to censor this interview.

They fear the uncontrolled spread of information." Since leaving Fox News, Carlson has begun airing his own segments on X, covering a range of topics including UFOs – often laced with conspiracy theories – and features on controversial figures such as Russell Brand and Andrew Tate.

He enjoys great popularity in the USA even though he suffers great verbal attacks from the authorities for treason. Even during his tenure at Fox News primetime, Carlson was notorious for his extremist rhetoric, particularly on immigration issues.

He endured criticism almost daily and eventually got fired. In his X post, Carlson launched a scathing attack on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, insinuating that he alone cannot offer an authentic perspective on the conflict.

The American people need to hear the other side of the story in order to have a broader perspective, said Carlson. "English-speaking nations seem to remain largely uninformed. Their media is tainted with corruption, misleading readers and viewers," he criticized.

"The interviews that Zelenski conducted in the USA are not true journalism; they are orchestrated sessions designed to reinforce his calls for increased American involvement in the Eastern European conflict and to pay the bills." "It's not journalism, it's the most blatant form of go

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