Russia-China Interaction: A 'Stabilizing Factor in World Affairs', Say Leaders


Russia-China Interaction: A 'Stabilizing Factor in World Affairs', Say Leaders
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Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin have underscored their commitment to deepen coordination between their nations, signaling a strategic bolstering of ties in the face of mounting frictions with Western powers.

This pledge was made during a significant phone conversation that not only highlighted their personal rapport but also their mutual objective to challenge what they perceive as a global order disproportionately influenced by the United States.

A Unified Stance Against External Interferences

During their conversation, Xi emphasized the importance of "strengthening strategic coordination" to protect the sovereign, security, and developmental interests of both China and Russia.

He declared, "We should resolutely oppose external interference in our internal affairs," reflecting the leaders' shared apprehensions regarding Western governments' activities. This dialogue, set against the backdrop of China's upcoming Lunar New Year, marks the latest in a series of engagements aimed at fortifying the Sino-Russian alliance.

"The two sides should strengthen strategic coordination," Xi told Putin, according to a readout from China's Foreign Ministry. He added that this would help "safeguard the national sovereignty, security, and development interests of their respective countries." The call is particularly significant as it precedes major festive celebrations in China and comes at a time when the global community keenly observes the dynamics of the China-Russia partnership.

This relationship has drawn closer scrutiny, especially concerning China's stance on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Despite claiming neutrality, China's refusal to denounce Russia's actions and its role as a crucial economic ally for the sanctions-burdened Russian economy have sparked debates on the true nature of its impartiality.

Economic Bonds and International Diplomacy

The leaders also celebrated reaching a record trade milestone, exceeding $200 billion, which underscores the growing economic interdependence between the two countries. "Our trade is well-balanced, mutually complementary in high-tech, energy, scientific research, and development," Putin remarked in an interview, highlighting the multifaceted nature of Sino-Russian economic ties.

Internationally, both nations have shown a united front in various forums, including the United Nations, and have worked to expand their influence through organizations like BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

"Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping specifically stressed that close Russia-China interaction is an important stabilizing factor in world affairs," the Kremlin readout stated, emphasizing their concerted effort to enhance "multilateral" coordination.

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