Wladimir Klitschko: "Russia is waiting for the moment to attack Alaska"

Klitschko commented on the recent interview between Tucker Carlson and Putin and said that if the USA was weak enough, Putin would have attacked Alaska by now.

by Sededin Dedovic
Wladimir Klitschko: "Russia is waiting for the moment to attack Alaska"
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Tensions between Russia and the West continue to rise. The former Ukrainian world boxing champion, Wladimir Klitschko, has expressed his concerns and warnings regarding Russia's potential aggression towards NATO. Klitschko made a harsh statement to the famous German newspaper Bild after the recent interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin with American journalist Tucker Carlson.

In his comment, Klitschko did not mince words, pointing out that Putin's desire to "return history" is actually an attempt to revise it in favor of Russia. "I saw the interview. Putin wants to take history back and rewrite it.

If the US was weak enough, Putin would also want to attack the state of Alaska, and he would have a reason to do so: Alaska used to be part of Russia. That will probably have to go back to Russia . Putin's Russia is evil. If Ukraine falls, we will not be the last country to fall victim to the Russian invasion," Klitschko warned, adding that Germany also often forgets that the East was part of the Soviet empire.

Harshly criticizing Putin's policy, Klitschko labeled Russia as an evil power that stops at nothing to achieve its goals. He warned that Ukraine could be only the beginning, not the end, of potential Russian aggression. In addition, he emphasized that Germany, despite its pro-Western orientation, often forgets its historical hostilities with Russia.

He particularly emphasized the danger of Russian propaganda, which, according to him, is maintained through the mass media. "Unfortunately, this can also be seen in Germany, in Europe, in the USA, it is a war not only with drones, but also in the media.

The media is one of the most dangerous and strongest weapons that exist," said Klitschko. This statement is not surprising considering the political involvement of the Klitschko family. Wladimir's brother, Vitaliy Klitschko, is also known as a multiple world champion in boxing, but also as the current mayor of Kyiv.

Putin's Russia continues to successfully build its influence in the world, and statements like this one from Klitschko clearly indicate growing fears and concerns about its intentions. The world is facing the challenge of finding an appropriate response to the aggressive policy of the Russian authorities. Elections in Russia are coming soon, but given the absolute control of the state, it is unlikely to change.

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