BREAKING: Avdiivka symbol of resistance has fallen: Ukrainian army withdraws

The Ukrainian army had to leave the city of Avdiivka in the east of the country tonight, which was Russia's biggest victory after the failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive launched last summer, said General Oleksandr Tarnovsky

by Sededin Dedovic
BREAKING: Avdiivka symbol of resistance has fallen: Ukrainian army withdraws
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The Ukrainian army was forced to withdraw from the town of Avdiivka in the east of the country last night, marking one of the most difficult moments in their conflict with the Russian army. General Oleksander Tarnovski, the military leader who was in charge of operations in the area, said that this decision was made to save the lives of soldiers and allow them to regroup in more favorable positions.

This withdrawal represents the culmination of a conflict that has lasted for years, and escalated into open war in February 2022 when Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine. The desperate move to withdraw from Avdiyivka points to the increasing pressure under which the Ukrainian army is under, faced with the reduction of combat resources and the absence of the support they expected from foreign allies, especially the United States of America.

Ukraine is now in a very difficult situation, and we have seen that the positions once taken by Russia are difficult to regain later. The Russian army, on the other hand, is using this moment to show its strength and determination in conquering territory, while sending a message to Ukraine that there is no chance of victory.

With an increased military presence and continuous supply of munitions, Russia seeks to achieve its war aims, while Ukraine struggles to maintain its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The decision to withdraw from Avdiivka was made at a time when the situation became unsustainable for Ukrainian forces.

The attacks of the Russian army became more and more intense, leaving the Ukrainian soldiers in a hopeless situation. General Tarnovski, faced with this reality, recognized that the preservation of soldiers' lives was a priority, and ordered a retreat to more strategically important positions.

This step marks the first major move by the new Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Oleksandr Sirsky, who recently assumed the position. His decision to withdraw his forces from Avdiivka shows pragmatism and willingness to adapt to changing circumstances on the ground.

We will see how the Ukrainian public will react to this move, and whether they will define this as "treason".

Ukrainian soldiers and tanks outside a building used as a base in Avdiivka© Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images

The withdrawal from Avdiivka is not only a military defeat, but also has deeper political and symbolic implications.

Avdiivka was once a picturesque town with 34,000 inhabitants, but now it has become a scene of destruction and suffering. This city, although destroyed, symbolizes the resistance of Ukraine against Russian aggression, Ukraine fought fiercely not to let this very strategically important city into Russian hands.

This defeat represents a heavy blow to Ukraine's moral and political position. Ukraine's move to withdraw from Avdiivka also puts additional pressure on an already strained diplomatic situation. The international community, especially Western countries, are now faced with the question of how to respond to Russia's increasingly aggressive policy.

The US, as a key ally of Ukraine, is faced with demands for greater military support, but at the same time must balance between providing support to Ukraine and avoiding direct conflict with Russia. The Russian offensive on Avdiivka also has broader implications for regional stability.

This city is located near Donetsk, the epicenter of the separatist movement in eastern Ukraine. Russian attempts to seize Avdiivka can be interpreted as part of a broader strategy to secure control over the region and create a buffer zone between Russia and the West.

Russia now has a compact whole of occupied Ukrainian territory, which will be almost impossible for the Ukrainian army to liberate without the enormous support of the USA and European allies. Furthermore, this withdrawal of Ukrainian forces may have an impact on the dynamics within Ukraine itself.

The loss of Avdiivka is a blow to the government in Kyiv and could lead to growing discontent among Ukrainian citizens. Questions about the government's ability to deal with Russian aggression could lead to political instability and the further growth of nationalist movements.

This defeat will undoubtedly have a great moral impact on the common people and the population, which has been terrified by the increased aggression and offensive of the last 3 months. Tactically, the withdrawal from Avdiivka allows Ukraine to regroup its forces and redirect them to key points on the front.

General Sirski emphasizes that the soldiers fulfilled their military task and caused significant losses to the Russian army. This rhetoric is aimed at maintaining morale among Ukrainian soldiers and supporting their courage, but there has been a war in Ukraine for a long time and it is difficult for such a story to pass muster to the public and the army, who have already learned what war is and what kind of propaganda is carried out during it.

. However, despite General Sirski's optimism, the fact remains that Avdiivka fell under Russian control, and this fact could be a turning point in the war. After such a great and important victory, Russia will certainly be morally strengthened and move forward, and the last ones can be catastrophic for global security.

The question now is how Ukraine will react to this defeat and whether it will be able to recover and continue its struggle for independence. The Ukrainian military faces numerous challenges in the coming days and weeks. The issue of rebuilding military resources, regrouping forces and ensuring popular support will become priorities for Ukrainian military and political leaders.

Also, increasing international support and strengthening diplomatic efforts will be key to Ukraine's survival in these difficult times. Simply, Ukraine is already exhausted and does not have the capacity to fight against powerful Russia.

The withdrawal from Avdiivka definitely represents a turning point in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. This event has deep political, military and symbolic implications for these two countries. As Russia celebrates its "victory" in Avdiyivka, Ukraine faces the question of how to continue its resistance against Russian aggression.

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