Pentagon Reveals Huge Financial Losses for Russia in Ukraine: Exceeding $211 Billion

The Pentagon confirmed that approximately 315,000 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded

by Sead Dedovic
Pentagon Reveals Huge Financial Losses for Russia in Ukraine: Exceeding $211 Billion
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Although Russians often emphasize victories and achievements in Ukraine through their media, the fact is that they have suffered significant losses in terms of both human lives and finances. The Pentagon has decided to disclose figures related to Russian losses during the war in Ukraine. Russia had to invest a massive amount of money in the military industry to achieve its military goals. The Pentagon revealed that military operations in Ukraine cost Russia up to $211 billion. Additionally, Russians lost $10 billion in canceled weapon sales.

The Pentagon confirmed that approximately 315,000 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded, and at least 20 medium to large-sized ships of the Russian navy were sunk in the Black Sea. These figures illustrate the financial impact of the war on a country. However, even more catastrophic is the number of casualties. More and more Russian soldiers are losing their lives on the front lines.

On the other hand, Oryx highlights that the Kremlin lost at least 14,424 pieces of heavy military equipment, including 21 ships, 103 planes, 135 helicopters, 2,742 tanks, over 1,000 howitzers, and more than 200 air defense systems. Vladimir Putin has experienced significant losses in the past two years. However, despite all the losses, the Russian leader maintains the same intentions for the future, aiming to achieve the ultimate goal regardless of the sacrifices.

Ukraine has managed to resist Russians since the beginning, but without the support of the U.S. and Europe, their resistance would likely not have endured for so long. In the initial stages of the war, it was expected that Russians would easily achieve their goal, but things did not turn out as ideal for them. Military analysts believed that Russians had the military strength to accomplish their objective within a few weeks. What they did not anticipate was the courage and readiness of Ukrainian soldiers to defend their homeland and people.

What may please Russians and disappoint Ukrainians is the fact that Russians have the material resources to sustain the war for at least three more years. Interestingly, Russians are still benefiting from the legacy of the Soviet Union. They strive to modernize large quantities of military equipment left over from Soviet stockpiles and have succeeded so far. Vladimir Putin remains calm about the war in Ukraine, clearly avoiding discussions about his future goals.

Ukrainians seek help from Europe and the US: There is a fear of WW3

Ukrainians fear for their future as their supplies dwindle. If assistance from the U.S. and Europe is lacking, it is challenging to expect them to resist for much longer. This is why the Ukrainian president has emphasized many times that the crucial help of European countries and the U.S. is vital. Zelenskyy emphasizes that this assistance not only benefits Ukrainians but also Europe and the world. The Ukrainian leader believes that if Putin achieves his goal of occupying Ukraine, his next target will be to attack other European countries, with uncertain consequences.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy
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The U.S. and major European countries have shown readiness to help Ukraine, and judging by the statements of their leaders, their intentions are to continue such assistance. Europe is aware that if the war escalates, there could be a larger conflict. The biggest fear is the possibility of a third world war, which could have catastrophic consequences for the world like never before. Nuclear weapons are certainly the biggest cause for concern for everyone.

As of September last year, the Ukrainian leader emphasized that Ukrainians are bravely fighting to preserve their country from Russia. However, the future is uncertain for Ukrainians and everyone else. Zelenskyy believes that in a sense, Ukrainians are helping the whole world, as if Ukraine were to suffer defeat, Putin would move on to his next goals. This could trigger a domino effect, expanding the war to many countries worldwide. As long as Ukrainians resist, things will be good for Europe and the world. Nevertheless, the primary goal should be to stop the war, find a compromise, and ensure peace for all. Russians also dislike this war, as sanctions and a kind of isolation from the rest of the world do not bring them any good. Ordinary Russian citizens hope that this chaos will truly end!

"If Ukraine falls, what will happen in ten years? Just think about it. If [the Russians] reach Poland, what's next? A Third World War? We're defending the values of the whole world. And these are Ukrainian people who are paying the highest price. We are truly fighting for our freedom, we are dying. We are not fiction, we are not a book. We are fighting for real with a nuclear state that threatens to destroy the world."- Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

For sure, the future is uncertain, as it's hard to predict what the Russians will do next.

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