US to impose 500 new sanctions on Russia: We want to slow down Russia

"Tomorrow we’ll release hundreds of sanctions just here in the United States."-the deputy US treasury secretary, Wally Adeyemo said.

by Sead Dedovic
US to impose 500 new sanctions on Russia: We want to slow down Russia
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After the death of the Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, there was a strong reaction worldwide. Accusations were immediately directed at the Russian system and Vladimir Putin. Navalny was known as someone who sought to change the situation in Russia, come to power, and improve Russia's relations with other countries. 

Many expected Navalny to tragically end due to his politics, which ultimately happened. Such news angered everyone, especially the US, which decided to impose a package of 500 sanctions on Russia. 

The deputy US treasury secretary, Wally Adeyemo, emphasized that the US would take such steps, but other countries must do the same. The goal is to weaken Russia to the maximum and prevent it from continuing with the same policy, which does not inspire optimism in the world.

“Tomorrow we’ll release hundreds of sanctions just here in the United States, but it’s important to step back and remember that it’s not just America taking these actions,” Adeyemo said, as reported by

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Russians have been under enormous sanctions. Although we cannot definitively state the consequences these sanctions have had on Russia, economic experts worldwide believe that Russia has been greatly weakened, and new packages of sanctions will further worsen the situation within the country. 

Wally Adeyemo
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World leaders have announced that they might do the same in the next few days. Adeyemo wants to slow down Russia, disrupt the country's economic situation, and also provoke dissatisfaction among the Russian people and leaders. 

Besides, the deputy US treasury secretary emphasizes the importance of helping Ukraine, given that they have recently suffered losses on the front. The lack of ammunition and basic resources could lead to even greater consequences for Ukraine, perhaps even the one everyone fears the most: Russia's ultimate victory! Adeyemo calls on the US Congress to think rationally in such a situation.

“Sanctions and export controls are geared towards slowing Russia down, making it harder for them to fight their war of choice in Ukraine. But ultimately, in order to speed Ukraine up, to give them the ability to defend themselves, Congress needs to act to give Ukraine the resources that they need and the weapons they need.“- he continued.

Peter Harrell, a former National Security Council official, is one of those who believes that at this moment, it is more important to help Ukraine than to impose sanctions on Russia.

Peter Harrell
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European countries and other world powers must work together to assist Ukrainians in defending themselves. Harrell is concerned about the future not only of Ukraine but of the entire planet.

“What Congress does to pass additional military assistance to Ukraine is going to matter far, far more than anything else they could do on the sanctions front,” Peter Harrell said.

Chuck Schumer visited Ukraine: We are right at a vortex, a critical turning point

The Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, visited Ukraine a few days ago and held discussions with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, aiming to assure the Ukrainian President that US assistance will not be lacking this time. Schumer is aware that a certain type of aid is facing obstacles in the US House of Representatives, but he has no intention of giving up and wants to support Ukraine in every possible way. 

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer© Andrew Burton / Getty Images News

He emphasized that he felt the need to be there. If Ukraine starts experiencing losses on the front, the consequences could be felt by the US as well. This is one of the reasons why assistance needs to be sent to Ukrainians quickly.

“I feel I have to be there because it’s so crucial. We are right at a vortex, a critical turning point in the whole west. And if we abandon Ukraine, the consequences for America are severe."- Schumer said.

US President Joe Biden is likely one of those who has shown the greatest willingness to help Ukraine. This could be felt from day one. The US President is ready to assist Ukraine, but he is not the only one making that decision. Given that Biden frequently communicates with Zelenskyy, he has told the Ukrainian President many times that he will never stop helping Ukraine. The USA has no intention of abandoning Ukraine in its most difficult times. Their cooperation can be a reason for optimism among the Ukrainian population, which is increasingly fearful of Russian aggression and attacks.

Ukrainians have repeatedly asked for assistance from the US and the global community. They are aware that Russia is a much stronger opponent, both in terms of the number of soldiers and weaponry. Ukrainians find it challenging to resist Russia's attacks without some form of assistance from the world. The new package of sanctions is also a reason for optimism, although previous sanctions seem not to have caused great consequences for the Russians.

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