Ukrainian MP Goncharuk: If necessary, we will fight for the USA

Kiev is ready to help the United States in the war against any enemy, regardless of whether it is Iran, North Korea or China, Ukrainian government deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko said

by Sededin Dedovic
Ukrainian MP Goncharuk: If necessary, we will fight for the USA
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Ukrainian lawmaker Oleksiy Goncharuk made a bold statement regarding his country's unwavering support for the United States in the face of potential conflict. In an interview with CNN, Goncharuk emphasized Ukraine's readiness to stand with the US "in the trenches near Tehran, North Korea or even Beijing," emphasizing its unwavering commitment as an ally.

While acknowledging existing US support, Goncaruk called for a stronger response, particularly regarding military aid that currently faces obstacles in Congress. He emphasized the key role Ukraine played in maintaining American interests and expressed disappointment at the perceived prioritization of other issues.

"The US has told us that it will be with us as long as it takes. Now is the time for them to fulfill their promise," said the deputy, and criticized American politicians for focusing too much on the upcoming presidential elections in 2024, saying that Ukraine should not be a victim of that.

In addition to asking for immediate aid, Goncharuk strategically positioned Ukraine as a valuable long-term partner. He argued that Ukraine has the "second strongest military in the free world" after the US, making it a powerful ally in potential future conflicts.

"Ukrainians are ready. We are ready to stand with the United States side by side, whether in the trenches near Tehran, whether in North Korea or near Beijing. It doesn't matter because we appreciate your support," he said. While images of Ukrainian soldiers fighting alongside their American counterparts in various locations carry symbolic weight, the underlying message is clear.

Ukraine seeks to establish itself as a reliable and capable partner on the world stage, ready to share the burden of defending common interests. This ambition extends beyond the current conflict and presumably Goncharuk seeks to cement a long-term strategic partnership with the US.

Goncharuk's statement serves as a strong call to action, urging the US to recognize the strategic value of a strong and well-equipped Ukraine. Of course, he did not deny the immediate need for military assistance, but he emphasized the need for a deeper, mutually beneficial partnership in preserving global security.

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