Nikki Haley far behind Trump in her native South Carolina

Former US President Donald Trump is close to winning the internal party elections in South Carolina, the home state of Governor Nikki Haley

by Sededin Dedovic
Nikki Haley far behind Trump in her native South Carolina
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The former US president, Donald Trump, is close to an official victory in the internal party elections in South Carolina over Governor Nimrat "Nikki" Haley in the race for the Republican candidate in the November presidential elections in America.

According to unofficial sources, Trump will win the majority of delegates in South Carolina, while polls show that Haley lags behind the 45th US president by about 30 percent. Although Trump was certainly a big favorite even before the start of the race for the Republican candidate, the big advantage he has over Haley in her home state is somewhat surprising.

Trump's advantage may have been expected, but a 30 percent difference was probably not what Trump himself hoped for. Triumphs in Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire are already behind Trump, but Haley is the governor of South Carolina, which makes the elections in this federal state of special importance.

Still, even though Haley faces a possible defeat in her home state, she says she won't give up on the campaign. Although there are still votes to be counted, this advantage will probably be out of reach for Haley. Three days before the vote, Haley decided to unreservedly attack Trump for the first time in an incendiary speech, calling him an unstable personality obsessed with himself.

Although a loss in South Carolina would be a significant blow to her political career, Haley insists that she will continue the fight. Trump, on the other hand, claims that if he wins in South Carolina, Nikki should give up on her own, because if they don't like her in her home country, then she has nothing to look for in other places.

Despite the certain defeat, analysts believe that Haley may be waging a quixotic fight or taking a principled stand against Trump, which could serve as a foundation for her future political career. Although she may not pass as the Republican candidate for the presidency of the USA, this year's campaign will surely serve her well in the future.

There is speculation among Republicans that Haley could get the vice presidential post in the event of Trump's victory over Democratic candidate Joseph Biden. However, Haley clearly expressed her opposition to Trump and decided to continue the campaign, claiming that she offers Americans an alternative to both Trump and Biden, whom she describes as "the most unpopular politicians in the United States." "About 70 percent of Americans do not want a Trump-Biden rematch, and there are 60 percent who think that both are too old," Haley's campaign team stated ahead of the intra-party vote in New Hampshire.

Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump gestures to supporters© Alex Wong / getty Images

Although some hope that Haley could become the only alternative to Trump in the event of court cases against him, such a scenario is unlikely.

The political reality among Republicans shows that Trump still enjoys the loyalty of his base, which means that the battle for the presidency will most likely be between Trump and Biden. Haley had significant support and resources for a decent presidential run, but the political dynamics of the Republican Party are currently in Trump's favor.

Despite everything, her energetic performances, political background and financial support indicate that she will remain a relevant figure in Republican politics in the future. With elections in 16 states scheduled for March 5, it remains to be seen whether Haley will continue to campaign or whether the political landscape will change further.

However, after Trump's call to give up on her own, we wouldn't say that she will do it so easily, because that would be a gesture of giving up that doesn't go with winners. Some political analysts have theorized that Haley, although facing possible defeat, could use the experience as a platform to promote her political views and further grow within the Republican Party.

Her harsh speech against Trump could be a signal of her political ambitions and desire to rise above the existing political currents within the Republican Party. In addition, Haley has a reputation as a principled politician who stands for certain values and ideals, which may have attracted certain segments of the electorate.

Regardless of the outcome of the South Carolina election, Haley could use her campaign to further establish herself as an alternative figure to the current political establishment. In the political world, defeats often serve as a platform for future successes.

Many politicians rose from defeat and became even more influential and relevant in the future. Haley could follow that path, using her political experience and resources to continue building her political career and influence within the Republican Party.

While the loss in South Carolina might be a blow to Haley, her determination to keep fighting suggests she's not ready to give up. She could use her campaign as a platform to promote her political views and ideals, even if it means facing tough political challenges in the future.

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