Jeff Koons made history: His sculpture sent to the moon is the first ever

Artist Jeff Koons created a new series of sculptures, called Phases of the Moon, which flew into space with the spacecraft "Odyssey"

by Sededin Dedovic
Jeff Koons made history: His sculpture sent to the moon is the first ever
© Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Thanks to the spectacular success of the landing of the Odyssey spacecraft on the surface of the moon, the world's most expensive living artist has 'sent' his space art creations directly to the moon. His creation now proudly holds the title of the first "authorized" artwork on the moon.

There were many things that were taken to the moon, so we did not have the opportunity to hear about this interesting artistic story during the reporting. American artist Jeff Koons has revolutionized the traditional gallery space by placing his new series of sculptures, called "Phases of the Moon," in a transparent box that traveled into space with the IM-1 spacecraft and represents the Moon through its various phases.

Artist Jeff Koons unveils seated ballerina inflatable sculpture at Rockefeller Center© Mike Coppola / Getty Images

The lander "Odyssey" of the Intuitive Machinery company based in Houston, which set off on the Falcon 9 rocket of the SpaceX company, after one hundred and ten minutes lost all signal and connection with the rocket, it was finally confirmed that the Odyssey had landed on the surface of the moon.

It became the first spacecraft of a private company on the Earth's satellite and the first American spacecraft on the moon since the end of the "Apollo" program in 1972. This expedition represents a historical moment as well as the Apollo program because of the great technical improvement and much greater possibilities for research than before.

The knowledge about the universe itself has increased several times over 50 years ago. Immediately after the successful landing of the aircraft, Kuns showed his admiration and excitement on his Instagram profile. He called the Odyssey mission an "astonishing achievement" and did not hide his gratitude and honor for being a part of this epic mission.

He described the launch of the spacecraft as a spectacular event that will completely change our image of the moon and greatly enrich the overall knowledge of space. In a box attached to the lander are 125 small moon sculptures, each about two centimeters in diameter.

Called "Moon Phases," these sculptures depict the 62 phases of the Moon as seen from Earth, 62 phases seen from other points in space, and one lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, to be able to enjoy this work of art, you will have to go to the moon.

That tells us enough that this is a historical moment for art as well. However, the author thought of everything so that it will be possible to see this work on earth, but not in the same form as the original.

Of course, Kuns, as one of the greatest artists of today, worked hard for this work of art, and possible visitors from space will be able to get to know human culture better.

It sounds like a script for a Sci-Fi movie and each of these sculptures is inscribed with the name of a significant figure in human history, including names like Aristotle, David Bowie, Leonardo da Vinci, Gandhi, Billie Holiday, Gabriel García Márquez, Andy Warhol and many more , 125 in total.

According to a statement from his gallery, Pace, Koons drew inspiration from the moon as a symbol of curiosity and determination. From the very beginning of human history, man admired the moon and came up with explanations in his head.

His new project, called "Moon Phases," offers viewers a sense of perspective about their place in the vast universe, gives them a clearer picture of the moon's movements, and provokes deep thought. As we have already said, we will be able to enjoy this artistic creation on Earth, Koons has designed a commercial version of his project.

The Pace Gallery's NFT section also offers NFT versions of each of the sculptures. Additionally, Koons has created larger, identical replicas of his moon phases to be placed on Earth, but we'll have to wait until the unveiling.

Each of these sculptures, measuring 40 centimeters in diameter, will be made of the same reflective stainless steel as his most expensive sculpture, the $91.1 million Rabbit. Each replica will contain a diamond, sapphire or ruby that will symbolize "Odysseus'" landing place.

We have to admit that Koons thought of everything and deservedly found his place on the aircraft. However, Koons' Moon Phases are not the only art objects placed on the surface of the Moon. In 1971, members of the Apollo 15 crew left an aluminum plaque honoring the 14 astronauts and cosmonauts who died during space missions, as well as a sculpture by Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonk.

Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, John Chamberlain, Claes Oldenburg, Forrest Myers, and David Novros secretly sent a joint piece of art to Apollo 12, 1969. Their joint piece, "Moon Museum," is a small ceramic tile with each artist's drawings that reportedly remains attached to part of the leg of the lunar module to this day. However, we have no official evidence for these claims.