Putin Addressed the Nation: Ukraine, the USA and Long-Range Missiles

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov pointed out that Putin personally prepared the speech and had dozens of meetings with ministers, deputy prime ministers and other government officials, which clearly shows how important this speech is

by Sededin Dedovic
Putin Addressed the Nation: Ukraine, the USA and Long-Range Missiles
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Russian President Vladimir Putin was fifteen minutes late for his 19th State of the Nation address, but he began with determination and a clear vision for the country's future. Announcing the main tasks for the next six years, Putin pointed out that he personally prepared the speech after numerous phone conversations and meetings with government officials.

In his introductory part, Putin emphasized that every address to the Federal Assembly is a look into the future, focusing on the strategic tasks of the country's long-term development. Reflecting on his trip to the regions, he emphasized the importance of talking to people in order to understand real challenges and needs.

In light of the challenges facing Russia, Putin emphasized the necessity of joint action and announced both immediate and strategic plans. He particularly emphasized the contribution of Russian business and citizens in supporting the country's army and economy.

Putin points out that there are big tasks ahead of Russia that require joint engagement. In addition to short-term plans, he also announces strategic goals. "Over the past two years, Russian business has sent billions of rubles to support the fighters of the Northern Military District.

People are sending packages from their modest reserves, contributing to the general triumph," Putin emphasized. "Production works in three shifts, adapting to the needs of the front. The entire economy shows flexibility and resilience.

"The president thanks the engineers and entrepreneurs for their contribution to the development of Russia," he points out. "We will continue to develop the institutions of democracy in Russia. We will not allow any kind of interference in our internal affairs", emphasizes the president, adding that Russia is currently fighting a just fight for its sovereignty and security.

Military trucks with Russian licence plates drive through a checkpoint manned by pro-Russian militants on the main road between © Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Putin points out that the Russian political system is the foundation of the country's sovereignty.

Russian citizens will defend their right to a peaceful life and independently choose the path of their country. Referring to the situation in Ukraine, Putin emphasized that Russia did not initiate the conflict in Donbas, but will do everything necessary to end it.

He also praised the progress of Russian military operations and announced further development of the country's defense systems. Putin points out that "tests of the Burevestnik cruise missile and the Poseidon system are coming to an end," confirming their unique characteristics.

The president rejects claims about the alleged plans of the Russian Federation to deploy nuclear weapons in space, evaluating them as baseless. He adds that Russia continues to work on a number of promising weapons systems, revealing that the public will soon be familiar with them.

"Sarmat missiles have been delivered to troops, and Russia will soon demonstrate their functionality in combat duty-based areas." In relations with the United States of America, Putin condemned Washington's hostile actions, while rejecting dialogue on strategic stability.

He also warned against Western attempts to drag Russia into a new arms race. Putin announced plans for a serious strengthening of Russian Armed Forces groups in the direction of the West in connection with the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO, at the same time he claimed that it is a fallacy to say that Russia is preparing to attack Europe.

N "The West has caused conflict in Ukraine, in the Middle East, in other regions of the world and continues to lie. Now, without any shame, they say that Russia is allegedly planning to attack Europe. We understand that they are talking nonsense," said the president.

He added that the actions of the United States and its allies led to the dismantling of the European security system. We have to work on a new contour of equal and indivisible security for Eurasia". Russia is ready for dialogue with everyone who is interested in it, the head of the Russian state emphasized.

"Without a sovereign, strong Russia, no lasting world order is possible." Opponents of the Russian Federation "must remember that we have weapons capable of hitting targets on their territory," Putin said. "Russia, together with friendly countries, will create efficient logistics corridors and develop interaction on the basis of equality.

New countries are actively joining organizations such as BRICS". "Cooperation between Russia and ASEAN is developing positively. "Moscow has long-standing good relations with Arab and African countries," added Putin. Emphasizing the importance of traditional values, Putin said that Russia remains firmly anchored in supporting the family and demographics.

He also announced plans to strengthen international ties and promote the Russian language and culture abroad. Economically, Putin highlighted the stability and technological progress of the Russian economy, predicting that Russia will soon become one of the world's leading economic powers.

He emphasized the importance of increasing the population's income and investing in development, technology and education.