President Joe Biden reveals China could spy US with electric car

Biden expained he ordered the US Commerce Department an investigation

by Lorenzo Ciotti
President Joe Biden reveals China could spy US with electric car
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US President Joe Biden has revealed how China could spy on the United States and the West with the help of electric cars. Biden expained that he had ordered the US Commerce Department to launch an investigation into national security risks.

"Connected vehicles like smartphones with wheels and could also collect sensitive data of our citizens, our infrastructure and send it to China. China is determined to dominate the future of the automotive market, including by using unfair practices.

China's policies can flood our market with their vehicles, posing a risk to our national security, I will not allow this to happen. China imposes restrictions on American and foreign cars operating in China. Why should these Chinese connected vehicles be allowed to operate in our country without limitations?

The American auto industry and its workers who are the best in the world. As president I am committed to doing the right thing for these workers, with this and other actions I will ensure that the future of the auto industry is made here in America with American workers," he explained.

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China spies on US with electric cars?

The investigation represents the first action taken by the Department of Commerce to protect domestic information and communications technologies from national security threats.

"The threats could arise because the vehicles collect large amounts of sensitive data about their drivers and passengers and regularly use their cameras and sensors to record detailed information about U.S. infrastructure. They can be piloted or deactivated remotely," Biden added.

Meanwhile Joe Biden wins the Democratic primary in Michigan. He still does not clarify the percentage of victory and above all the share of those who voted uncommitted, not taking sides, in protest at Biden's approach to Gaza.

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