Biden announced air aid for Gaza: Robert Ford claims that Israel humiliated the USA

The US will begin delivering food and emergency supplies to Gaza from the air in the next few days, US President Joseph Biden announced after major efforts and warnings from the UN

by Sededin Dedovic
Biden announced air aid for Gaza: Robert Ford claims that Israel humiliated the USA
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The US will begin airdropping food and emergency supplies to Gaza in the next few days, US President Joseph Biden announced. President Joseph Biden's announcement to launch food and emergency supplies to Gaza has sparked considerable debate and criticism, especially in light of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the region.

According to a Guardian report, the decision comes amid alarming warnings from the United Nations about the imminent threat of famine and following a disturbing incident in which Israeli troops opened fire on Palestinians queuing for aid.

However, many argue that aerial aid is an inadequate and ineffective method of providing vital aid to those in need. Critics argue that the move marks the resignation of the Biden administration on the possibility of persuading Israel to engage in a significant relief effort on the ground for the foreseeable future, even under the looming specter of mass starvation.

So Israel can continue to do what it has been doing and we will drop aid on your head from the plane. The skepticism surrounding this decision is of course justified, and it is further reinforced by claims that it could serve more as a symbolic gesture than as a genuine effort to address the root causes of the crisis.

Critics argue that President Biden's reluctance to use American influence to pressure Israel to cooperate more in humanitarian efforts is apparent. Although Biden said on a couple of occasions that he exerted influence but unsuccessfully, it is normal that the majority of the international community does not believe in such claims.

Voices from organizations such as the International Rescue Committee emphasize the need for diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the siege of Gaza as the primary means of resolving the humanitarian crisis. "Delivering aid by air is not the answer to alleviating this suffering and diverts time and effort from proven solutions for large-scale relief." The USA must take concrete steps for a permanent solution to this crisis urgently and immediately.

All diplomatic focus should be on Israel ending the siege of Gaza," the committee said.

Actress Cynthia Nixon speaks as she announces a hunger strike calling for a ceasefire in Gaza outside the White House© Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images

President Biden himself has acknowledged the dire situation, expressing concern over the loss of life and despair facing innocent civilians caught in the middle of the conflict.

During a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni, he reiterated the United States' commitment to provide additional aid to Gaza in cooperation with allies such as Jordan and France. "People are so desperate that innocent people are caught in a terrible war unable to feed their families and you saw the response when they tried to get help.

And we need to do more and the United States will do more. In the coming days, we will join our friends in Jordan and others in providing additional food and supplies to Gaza," the president said. Despite efforts by the Jordanian and French air forces to deliver aid, concerns remain about the cost and logistical challenges associated with airdropping supplies.

Access to food trucks remains limited, with hundreds of aid vehicles stuck at the Gaza border due to security concerns. Tragically, recent events, including the reported deaths of over a hundred people in a stampede during an aid convoy, underscore the urgency of finding more effective solutions for delivering aid to Gaza.

The conflicting accounts of the incident, with the Palestinian Authority accusing Israeli troops of opening fire and the Israeli military attributing the deaths to stampedes and other factors, further underscore the complexity and tensions surrounding the crisis.

Calls by the US, France and Germany to investigate the incident reflect the international community's concern over the escalation of the humanitarian situation. In response to the ongoing crisis, President Biden indicated that the US is exploring the possibility of opening additional aid corridors in Gaza, including the potential establishment of a maritime route for the delivery of humanitarian aid.

However, concerns remain about the effectiveness of these measures in addressing the root causes of the crisis. Critics, including experts such as Brian Finucane of the International Crisis Group, lament the lack of significant leverage the US has had to end the conflict in Gaza, characterizing the airstrikes as a desperate and inadequate measure to mask the humanitarian disaster unfolding in the region.

"If the US government refuses to use any meaningful influence to end the conflict in Gaza, it is left with desperate and inadequate measures like this to mask the resulting humanitarian disaster," X wrote online. Former US ambassador Robert Ford has expressed his dismay at what he sees as Israel's lack of respect for US interests, comparing the situation to a humiliating betrayal of trust.

"This is the worst humiliation of the US by Israel that I have ever seen," he said. The USA will permanently lose its credibility and reputation in the world because of the bloodthirsty policy of Benjamin Netanyahu's government.

This conflict that took place in Gaza and humanitarian disaster will long remain a subject of discussion and an important part of history.