Meta is forming a team to combat AI abuse during this year's European elections

Meta will form a team that will deal with disinformation and abuse of generative artificial intelligence due to the European Parliament elections in June

by Sededin Dedovic
Meta is forming a team to combat AI abuse during this year's European elections
© Leon Neal / Getty Images

Meta has decided to take steps to deal with the growing problem of misinformation and misuse of generative artificial intelligence ahead of the European Parliament elections, scheduled for June 6-9. This decision comes in light of the rapid development of technology that allows the creation of texts, images and videos in record time, which causes justified fears of potential manipulation and destabilization of democratic processes.

This issue has become more frequent in recent years, and the wide possibilities of AI pose a problem to legally regulate this area of technology. Marko Pankini, leader of the Meta team in charge of affairs in the European Union, emphasized the importance of activating the operational center for elections in order to act against this increasingly frequent problem.

"As the elections are approaching, we will activate the election operations center. In this way, we will identify potential threats in real time. Then we will take measures to mitigate them", said Marko Pankini This center will bring together experts from different fields who will work together to combat disinformation, counter influence operations and prevent the abuse of generative artificial intelligence to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

In order to effectively deal with these challenges, Meta will expand its cooperation with 26 independent fact-checking organizations across the European Union, adding three new partners in Bulgaria, France and Slovakia. This network will be key in identifying and denying false information that could influence public opinion during the election process.

In addition, Meta, together with Microsoft, OpenAI and 17 other technology companies, will actively work to prevent the spread of negative AI content that could affect the outcome of elections not only in Europe, but also around the world.

This coordinated action by technology giants shows the seriousness of the situation and commitment to solving the problem of misinformation and misuse of technology in political processes. This is the reality of the times we live in and we have to adapt to it.

This engagement of Meta represents a step towards the protection of democratic values and the integrity of the electoral process in the digital age, where the manipulation of information has become a serious challenge, and what is worst, the problem is deepening every day.