King Charles has pancreatic cancer and he has six months to live?

According meny sites and social media, King Charles has six months to live, but...

by Lorenzo Ciotti
King Charles has pancreatic cancer and he has six months to live?
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According to what was revealed by many british sites and on social media, and reported by the weekly Italian magazine OGGI, King Charles III of the United Kingdom has pancreatic cancer, and that he only has six months to live.

At the moment the news has not been confirmed by the royal family or by Buckingham Palace: officially King Charles is being treated for prostate cancer.
However, many British magazines and media are also reflecting on the King's health conditions.

The Royal Family would know precisely how King Charles would really be and, above all, that the heir to the throne, William, the Prince of Wales, would be preparing to take the place of his father.

There is nothing in the mainstream British media about this news, but, on the contrary, they report how the King can't wait to get back to work with his public commitments. The news, what many define as a death hoax, could be a clear (and regrettable) attempt by the websites or social media accounts which gave this news to increase views of their web pages, to the detriment of correct information.

King Charles
King Charles© Pool / Team Getty Images

Furthermore, the Italian weekly OGGI wrote: "Charles has pancreatic cancer, he has been given six months to live. No confirmation from the royal palace, not a line in the English newspapers. Yet the news seems plausible. The news would be sensational: a month after the press release from the royal palace which revealed Charles' cancer diagnosis and just over a year and a half after his accession to the throne, Charles might not make it. William of England, the prince most loved by his subjects, would become therefore sovereign."

Not Only health troubles for King Charles 

Not only illness, but other problems are plaguing King Charles. According to InTouch magazine, Prince William is reportedly asking King Charles to exclude his brother Harry and his wife Meghan Markle from the will.

"Charles is not obliged to leave anything to Harry. Camilla and William are urging him not to - they see the Harry and Meghan as greedy fame-seekers who cannot be trusted."