David Cameron: Great Britain is losing patience with Israel

British Foreign Minister David Cameron said today that his country is losing patience with Israel because humanitarian aid is not reaching the people of Gaza

by Sededin Dedovic
David Cameron: Great Britain is losing patience with Israel
© Win McNamee / Getty Images

The British Foreign Minister, David Cameron, today expressed serious concern about the lack of humanitarian aid that should reach the people of Gaza. This statement comes in the context of the escalation of the situation in that region, where an increasing number of people are faced with suffering, disease and lack of basic necessities.

Cameroon emphasized that Great Britain is losing patience in its relationship with Israel, as an occupying power, which, according to international humanitarian law, is obliged to provide the necessary assistance to the civilian population in Gaza.

This position will be conveyed to a member of the Israeli war cabinet, Benny Gantz, who is currently visiting London. In his address to the House of Lords, Cameroon stressed the urgency of the situation in Gaza, noting that the people there are facing terrible suffering.

He warned that there is a real danger of people dying of hunger, stressing that the situation is extremely difficult and that it is necessary to intervene urgently. "I spoke a few weeks ago about the danger of people dying of hunger and diseases that are curable.

And now we are at that point," he said. Announcing a meeting with Israeli Minister Gantz, Cameroon pointed out that Great Britain will make it clear that it is running out of patience with the lack of humanitarian aid in Gaza.

This is not the first time that the Israeli authorities have been warned about this situation, as the Vice President of the USA, Kamala Harris, recently expressed similar concerns during a meeting with Gantz in Washington.

However, Gantz stated in the USA that Israel will carry out an offensive on Rafah no matter what, and added that the Palestinians will no longer govern Gaza after the war. Harris then made it clear that she expects Israel to develop a credible humanitarian plan for Gaza, stressing that conditions there are currently inhumane.

This indicates the growing pressure of the international community on Israel to take concrete steps to ease the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and provide adequate assistance to the civilian population.