Chinese Foreign Minister Yi: What is happening in Gaza is a shame for civilization

Wang also said that Beijing advocates full membership of the Palestinian state in the United Nations

by Sededin Dedovic
Chinese Foreign Minister Yi: What is happening in Gaza is a shame for civilization
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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi issued a strong appeal today, calling the humanitarian disaster in Gaza "a disgrace to civilization" and stressing the urgency of an immediate ceasefire. He called on key actors from the international community to urgently put pressure on Israel and stop this "stain on our civilization".

In an emotional address to reporters in Beijing, Wang stressed that the 21st century is an era of progress and technological achievements, yet human tragedies like the one in Gaza continue unabated. "No reason can justify the continuation of these conflicts.

We must focus on an immediate ceasefire and an end to hostilities," he pointed out, stressing that humanitarian aid is a moral obligation of all members of the international community. Calling for Palestine's "full" membership in the United Nations, Wang expressed the Chinese government's strong support not only in protecting the rights of the Palestinian people, but also in ensuring stability and peace in the Middle East region.

As for Taiwan, Wang made it clear that any attempt at separatism would not be tolerated. "Taiwan will never be allowed to separate from the motherland. Attempts at separatism are doomed to failure and will be erased from history," he said, stressing China's firm determination to preserve its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In addition, Wang emphasized the importance of preserving China's rights in the South China Sea. After the recent incidents with the Philippines, he stressed that China will resolutely defend its interests in accordance with international law.

"There is no compromise when it comes to our territorial integrity. China will resolutely protect its legitimate interests and rights," the minister said. This clear and decisive statement by the Chinese Foreign Minister is not only a call to action, but also an expression of deep sympathy for the victims of the conflict in Gaza.

He naturally used the opportunity to send a clear message of China's determination to preserve its sovereignty and stability in the region. The world is now faced with the challenge of how to respond to the humanitarian crisis affecting the people of Gaza.

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