German newspaper Bild: Putin has intimate recordings of German politicians?

Military expert Karl Masala made these shocking claims

by Sededin Dedovic
German newspaper Bild: Putin has intimate recordings of German politicians?
© Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

The question that worries political Berlin after the recent Bundeswehr wiretapping scandal is not only about what happened, but also about what may happen in the future. Some even fear the thought of possible spying and manipulation by the Russian secret service on German politicians and ministry officials.

One of the key questions is whether the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has German politicians in his hands through compromising information that his spies have allegedly collected in recent years. Did the information include compromising photos or other types of footage that could be used as leverage? Paul Ronzheimer, a respected journalist from BILD, explored these explosive topics in his latest podcast episode, talking to military expert Karl Masal.

Masala points out that there was "intense exchange" between Germany and Russia before Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. He speculates that Russia may have compromising footage showing politicians in compromising situations, perhaps even in intimate relationships.

"Politicians, ministry officials, who knows who else, all influential people in German society. Part of the mission of the secret services is to create psychological profiles of people in high or low positions in order to determine where their weaknesses are, where they are vulnerable, where they can be penetrated in order to ultimately lead them to cooperate or withdraw.

Activities are developed based on that information," Masala points out. The current scandal, in which Russian propaganda channels published a video of a conversation between generals about the German "Taurus" system, is described by Masal as "inappropriate behavior." "It seems that the information leak originated from a mobile phone.

It is a typical mistake that must not be made for security reasons, because there is always a possibility that such a device can be compromised. Most of these information leaks and errors are caused by human carelessness," Masala believes.

He emphasizes that Germany is "the most important country in Europe" for Russia, both in the military and political sense. That is why Germany is being intensively researched and monitored in order to understand its political and military moves, as well as potential weaknesses that can be exploited.

In light of these findings, the question is how Germany will respond to these challenges and how it will strengthen its security measures to protect its politicians and national interests from potential espionage activities by the Russian secret service. We have already seen that there are many omissions in the security agencies of Germany.