Kate Middleton's uncle will participate in Big Brother: the Royal Family is furious

The Royal Family is afraid that the man may reveal too much, embarrassing the Royal Family

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Kate Middleton's uncle will participate in Big Brother: the Royal Family is furious
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Gary Goldsmith, the uncle of the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, will take part in Big Brother. A choice not appreciated by her family (nor probably by the Royal Family).

The moment is very particular for the Royal Family. Kate's abdominal surgery, King Charles III's illness and the fear that he has only a few months to live. There are many concerns, and having a close relative of Kate who could embarrass the Royal Family on worldwide viewing is not an exciting prospect.

58 Gary Goldsmit is the brother of Carole Middleton, Kate's mother. Goldsmith is known for his very scandalous parties, for the scandalous book he wrote about the royal family and for his lack of inclination towards the confidentiality of the Middletons and the Royal Family.

The Mirror said that the family would be furious with this choice: the fear is that Goldsmith could reveal family secrets over the course of the episodes.

"They're not happy about her going on Celebrity Big Brother. It's exasperating for them. Kate doesn't need this stress," the Mirror's source said.

Gary Goldsmith
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Kate Middleton's uncle at the Big Brother

Gary Goldsmith has meanwhile revealed a lot of news about Kate's health: "I spoke to her mother, my sister, she is receiving the best care in the world. And all the family did was get the wagons moving again and take care of the family before anything else. They put out a statement and just said, he's taking some time to recover and I'll see you at Easter. Where's Kate? The last thing I do is... there's a kind of code, etiquette. If it's announced, I'll give you an opinion."

According to the tabloids, Kate's parents would have tried to order their relative to avoid this public appearance, for fear of her pranks at a delicate moment for the health conditions of the future queen consort. But evidently the pressure had no effect.

The production of the reality show defended its choice by stating that it had given the characters already present in the House the possibility of immediately sending nominations.

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