US F-35A fighter officially certified to carry a thermonuclear bomb

The press service of the US Air Force has not yet answered the question about how many F-35A stealth aircraft are planned to be deployed in Europe, which causes the greatest public interest due to the current geopolitical situation and the war in Ukraine

by Sededin Dedovic
US F-35A fighter officially certified to carry a thermonuclear bomb
© George Frey / Getty Images

The US F-35A stealth fighter was recently given the green light to carry the B61-12 thermonuclear gravity bomb, a significant step in the evolution of US military technology. This feat was recently confirmed by the online magazine Breaking Defense who made a report on the matter.

According to information obtained from the spokesperson of the F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO), the certificate to carry the B61-12 bombs was issued on October 12, 2023, despite the previous promise that it would be ready by January 2024.

This achievement marks a new chapter in the F-35A's capabilities, but it's important to note that the certification does not apply to the short takeoff and vertical landing versions of the F-35B, nor to the carrier-launched F-35C.

Interestingly, the US Air Force press service has not yet responded to questions about how many F-35A stealth aircraft will be deployed in Europe, which may suggest a broader strategy or complex political factors influencing deployment decisions.

This is a very important question considering the current geopolitical situation in which we find ourselves. The first production unit of the advanced thermonuclear bomb B61-12, which once entered service in 1968, was put into operation in November 2021.

This new version will replace three of the four existing variants of the B61 bomb, providing a modernized warhead that includes the B61-3, B61-4 and B61-7 modifications. These modifications are crucial to maintain US military capability in contemporary geopolitical circumstances.

And this represents a step forward even for the most advanced army, such as the American one. Besides representing a technical triumph, the F-35A's ability to carry the B61-12 bomb has deeper implications for global security and deterrence strategy.

In the context of increasingly complex international relations, this new weapon represents a strong signal of the determination of the United States of America to preserve its military primacy and ensure stability in the world.

In addition, this technological achievement sets new standards in the development and integration of military technology, highlighting the ability of the US to remain at the forefront of global innovation in the military industry.

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