The President of Czech Republic for sending official NATO training units to Ukraine

The Czech president assessed that in that war, time is currently working for Russia more than for Ukraine, because Ukraine is slowly reaching the limit of manpower that it can use for defense

by Sededin Dedovic
The President of Czech Republic for sending official NATO training units to Ukraine
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The President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, presented today a proposal that could significantly change the dynamics of support for Ukraine in the current crisis. Instead of transporting thousands of Ukrainian soldiers for training in NATO countries, Pavel proposes sending non-combat units of the Western allies directly to Ukraine, specifically several dozen military instructors.

In his interview with the Czech public broadcaster CT, President Pavel emphasized the importance of distinguishing between the deployment of combat units and the participation of soldiers in support activities. "Ukraine is a sovereign country and neither international law nor the Charter of the United Nations prohibits the soldiers of NATO member countries from helping, just like civilians.

It makes much more sense to transport a few dozen instructors to Ukrainian territory than to transport thousands of Ukrainian soldiers to Poland or the Czech Republic training", said Pavel Recalling the NATO training mission after Russia's annexation of Crimea, which included about 1,000 people from 15 countries, Pavel emphasized that even journalists or officials visiting Ukraine are at risk from Russian rockets.

He pointed out that direct targeting of non-combatant allied soldiers would cause a significant escalation. In his assessment of the current situation, the President of the Czech Republic pointed out that time is currently in Russia's favor because Ukraine is gradually reaching the limit of the human resources needed for defense.

"That's why if Russia and its vision of the world should not succeed, and of course it is in our interest that it does not succeed, then we have no other option but to increase and speed up technological aid to Ukraine, financial aid to Ukraine," said Pavel.

In an interview, the Czech president warned that Russia's threats of nuclear strikes on European capitals should not be ignored. "It is certainly better to prepare for the fact that Russia could continue than to rely on the fact that it will stop when it occupies part of Ukraine," Pavel pointed out.

Despite the desire for peace, President Pavel points out that the mere desire to avoid war does not guarantee its absence. Therefore, it is important that countries prepare for the worst scenarios and act preventively in order to preserve the stability and security of the West.

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