Apple Allows Fortnite Back on iOS Following EU Digital Act Influence

Apple has changed its mind and lifted its ban on Epic Games.

by Faruk Imamovic
Apple Allows Fortnite Back on iOS Following EU Digital Act Influence
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Apple has changed its mind and lifted its ban on Epic Games. This means Epic Games can now set up its own app store for "Fortnite" on Apple's iOS in Europe. This big news comes right after the European Union started poking around, under their new rules aimed at keeping digital competition fair.

The Big Deal with Europe's New Rules

This move by Apple isn't just good news for Epic Games; it's a big deal for how digital businesses operate in Europe. The European Union's Digital Markets Act kicked in last Thursday, and it's already shaking things up.

Apple bending the knee like this is a prime example. Epic Games was quick to celebrate, saying that "Fortnite" fans in Europe can look forward to playing the game on their iPhones again, after a two-year break because of a big disagreement with Apple over its rules for developers.

Apple changing its stance is a hint that the tech world might be moving in a new direction, with the Digital Markets Act leading the charge. This act is all about making sure the digital playing field is fair for developers and consumers.

Epic Games gave a shout-out to the European Commission for moving fast to enforce these new rules, showing that they mean business when it comes to keeping the big tech companies in check.

The Story Behind the Fight

The tiff between Apple and Epic Games started in 2020, leading to "Fortnite" being kicked off the iOS platform.

The whole mess was about the rules Apple set for developers, which Epic Games didn't like, calling them unfair. The situation got heated when Epic Games purposely broke Apple's rules to prove a point about Apple being too controlling.

Before Apple made its recent decision, there was a lot of back-and-forth with the European Commission, which had been looking into complaints about Apple's behavior. Apple had been standing firm, partly because of Epic's history of not playing by the rules.

But now, Apple is letting Epic Games back into its Developer Program, as long as Epic sticks to Apple's new policies for the European Union. This latest development is a big win for the idea that laws like the Digital Markets Act can really make a difference.

It's about making sure apps can be downloaded from places other than the official app store, aiming to make things more competitive and open. Apple's move to allow developers to create their own app marketplaces is a sign that things are changing because of these new regulations.

What Comes Next

Apple letting Epic Games back in the game is a key moment in the ongoing conversation about how tech companies and government regulators interact. It shows that new laws like the Digital Markets Act have the power to make the tech industry more fair for everyone involved.

Now that this chapter is closing, everyone's waiting to see what happens next in the tech world. How Apple and Epic Games worked out their differences could set the stage for future dealings between big tech companies and the people who create apps.

This whole story isn't just about the headaches of working in the tech industry; it's also about how new rules can lead to real changes that benefit consumers and developers all over the world.

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