Apple's iPhone SE4 Supply Chain Shake-Up: Samsung Withdraws Screen Offer

Samsung has withdrawn its offer to supply the display that will be installed on the upcoming iPhone SE4 due to Apple's demands in the form of an unrealistically low price

by Sededin Dedovic
Apple's iPhone SE4 Supply Chain Shake-Up: Samsung Withdraws Screen Offer
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Yesterday, Samsung decided to withdraw its offer for the delivery of the screen that will be installed on the upcoming iPhone SE4, which caused quite a stir in the world of the mobile industry, and especially in Apple. This unexpected decision stemmed from Apple's demand for a screen price that was unrealistically low by industry standards, and Samsung was not happy with that deal.

Although they have a long-standing cooperation in the delivery of screens for a large number of iPhone models, this time the interests of the companies did not align. Apple, as a leader in mobile technology, is preparing to launch the fourth generation of iPhone SE phones, which are considered more affordable models in the iPhone product line.

In its intention to maintain competitiveness in the market, Apple planned to equip the new iPhone SE with the same high-end screen used in the iPhone 13 model. The iPhone SE4 display supplier selection process was extremely competitive.

Three big companies - BOE, Samsung Display and Tianma, were in the race for this lucrative business. Samsung Display initially offered the lowest price of $30 per panel, while BOE and Tianma bid at $35 and $40, respectively.

However, Apple was reluctant to pay more than $20 per unit. A recent report from IT Home revealed that Samsung Display pulled its offer due to issues with the price being unrealistically low. This unexpected move opened the door for another bidder, BOE, to supply the iPhone SE4 screens.

According to information, BOE will supply the panels at a price of USD 25 per unit. BOE initially offered a price of $35, while Samsung gave a lower price of $30, which could signal some other reasons for Samsung's withdrawal.

It is possible that internal factors influenced this decision, such as the strategy of focusing on more profitable projects, such as the supply of screens for the iPhone 15 series. Samsung will continue to deliver screens for certain models, and the withdrawal from the contract applies only to the 4th generation iPhone SE phone.