The Future of Tesla: Elon Musk Introducing Robotaxis This Summer

The owner and CEO of the car company Tesla Elon Musk announced that the robot taxi will be released on August 8 this year and not instead of a cheap EV

by Sededin Dedovic
The Future of Tesla: Elon Musk Introducing Robotaxis This Summer
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A few hours after Reuters reported that the Tesla company abandoned plans to produce an affordable electric vehicle that should cost around $25,000, its CEO Elon Musk surprised the public by announcing that robot taxis will soon hit the streets, already on August 8 this year.

This announcement came at a time when many were already beginning to doubt the feasibility of Tesla's ambitions for an affordable EV. Reuters' news that Tesla is abandoning the low-cost electric vehicle shocked many. It was an unexpected change of course for a company that has consistently fought for the democratization of electric mobility.

However, Musk's announcement about robot taxis quickly diverted public attention. Many began to wonder if this was a distraction strategy or an actual plan by the company. Mask later additionally announced that the aforementioned news agency was lying (again), without specifying exactly which part of its reporting he was referring to.

Robotaxis have been part of Tesla's visionary plan for some time, especially as part of vehicles equipped with fully autonomous driving (FSD) technology. The idea of autonomous vehicles becoming a source of income for car owners, transporting passengers on demand, has long intrigued the public.

Owners of Tesla cars will reportedly be able to earn income from their autonomous vehicles, by sending them to pick up and take passengers to the desired location, which can practically be a robot taxi concept. Musk has often highlighted this possibility, but the details of exactly how it will work have been unclear.

An affordable EV was also part of Tesla's promise of making electric vehicles available to the wider market. With a starting price of around $25,000, it was supposed to become available to a wider range of consumers. However, this announcement about abandoning its development caused disappointment among many who hoped that electric mobility would become even more affordable.

The Model 3 is currently the most affordable model in Tesla's lineup, but it's still out of reach for the general population given its starting price of $39,000. The question is whether this price will change or whether Tesla will continue to focus on the more luxurious segment of the market.

These events are just another reminder of how dynamic and unpredictable the electric vehicle market is. And maybe we will remember these moments with nostalgia when we will drive in an autonomous taxi in some ten years, and few people will have the opportunity to see this car live on August 8.

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