Huawei Surpasses Google in Revenue with 8 Million Kirin Processor Shipments

In the first quarter of 2024, Huawei achieved remarkable success by shipping 8 million Kirin processors and generating $6 billion in revenue, marking a significant milestone in its recovery and competitive positioning in the smartphone market

by Sededin Dedovic
Huawei Surpasses Google in Revenue with 8 Million Kirin Processor Shipments
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The launch of the Kirin 9000S and Kirin 9010 has helped Huawei reach new records in smartphone shipments and revenues, with 8 million units shipped and $6 billion generated in the first quarter of 2024. Huawei shipped 8 million Kirin processors in the first quarter and surpassed Google with $9 billion in revenue.

The launch of the Kirin 9000S last year, followed by the Kirin 9010 powering the latest Huawei Pura 70 series, has helped the company achieve new records in smartphone chipset shipments and revenues. Recent data reveals that Huawei's HiSilicon division, responsible for mass-producing Kirin SoCs, shipped 8 million units in the first quarter of 2024, generating $6 billion in revenue.

However, compared to its competitors, Huawei still has a long way to go as it slowly recovers lost market share.

MediaTek leads in shipments, but Apple achieves the highest revenue in Q1 2024

With $6 billion in revenue in Q1 2024, Canalys estimates that Huawei has surpassed Google, which shipped only two million smartphone chipsets and earned $2 billion in revenue.

Recent data also indicates that Huawei is targeting Samsung's position, which shipped 18 million chipsets in the same period, earning $9 billion in revenue. However, the Korean giant's total shipments were 18% lower compared to Q1 2023.

Apple also recorded a decline in chipset shipments, with the A-series reaching 49 million units, which is 16% less compared to the same quarter last year. Nonetheless, the Cupertino-based company achieved an impressive revenue of $56 billion.

MediaTek had the highest smartphone chipset shipments in Q1 2024 with 114 million units, but the Taiwanese fabless semiconductor manufacturer earned only $23 billion. Interestingly, MediaTek's competitor Qualcomm sold 75 million smartphone chipsets but managed to generate $37 billion in this quarter.

Overall, Canalys reports that a total of 292.1 million smartphone chipsets were shipped in Q1 2024, with Huawei's HiSilicon division accounting for only 2.7% of that number. However, the chart shows that the resurgence of the Chinese company is putting pressure on Apple's overall chipset revenue and shipment momentum, as the tech giant experienced losses on both fronts this quarter.

The coming quarters are not expected to be easy for Apple, as Huawei plans to introduce the Mate 70 family in October this year. Before that, we should see the announcement of HarmonyOS Next in September, Huawei's own operating system supposedly developed from scratch, which is expected to help the company free itself from reliance on Google and its Android platform, reports wccftech.

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