Israel warns Hezbollah of potential war after drone video release

Israeli minister warns of severe consequences for hezbollah

by Faruk Imamovic
Israel warns Hezbollah of potential war after drone video release
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In a warning on Tuesday, Israel cautioned Hezbollah about the potential for an "all-out war" following the release of a provocative video by the Lebanese militant group. The nine-minute footage, allegedly captured by a drone, showcases various Israeli military and civilian sites, escalating the already tense situation between the two sides.

A provocative display

Hezbollah's video, taken during the day, purportedly shows Krayot, a cluster of densely populated residential cities north of Haifa, as well as several strategic locations. These include a military complex belonging to Rafael, an Israeli weapons manufacturer, Iron Dome batteries, missile storage sites, radar installations, and maritime assets in the port of Haifa.

This display of Hezbollah's surveillance capabilities comes on the heels of increasing cross-border hostilities between Hezbollah and Israel, ignited by the October 7 Hamas attacks and Israel's subsequent military operations in Gaza.

The video not only highlights military sites but also civilian areas, suggesting a potential broadening of targets in any future conflict.

Israel's response

Israel's Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, issued a stark warning via social media, emphasizing the severe consequences Hezbollah and Lebanon would face in an all-out war.

"We are getting very close to the moment of deciding to change the rules of the game against Hezbollah and Lebanon," Katz stated. "In an all-out war, Hezbollah will be destroyed, and Lebanon severely beaten." Katz also underscored the international ramifications of any attack on Haifa.

He noted that the port of Haifa is operated by major international companies from China and India, implying that any damage to these facilities could have global economic repercussions.

Psychological warfare

Haifa's Mayor, Yona Yahav, described the video as an act of "psychological terror," demanding immediate action to protect his city.

He criticized the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for their lack of visible presence in Haifa since the October 7 attacks, calling for a comprehensive defense plan to address the northern threat. “I demand that the government present a plan for the massive defense of Haifa and find a military solution to eliminate the threat posed from the north,” Yahav stated in an interview with Israeli radio station Reshet Bet.

Preparing for conflict

The IDF has acknowledged the rising tensions and has been actively preparing for a possible escalation. The military has "approved and validated" operational plans for an offensive in Lebanon, increasing the readiness of troops in the field.

While this does not necessarily indicate an imminent war, it shows Israel's intent to be prepared for any eventuality. Hezbollah's sustained attacks on northern Israel, claiming solidarity with the Palestinian cause, have led to significant displacement.

Israel has evacuated approximately 60,000 residents from the northern border, and over 90,000 Lebanese have fled their homes in response to the conflict.

Diplomatic efforts for de-escalation

The United States has been actively seeking a diplomatic solution to prevent a wider regional war.

Special envoy Amos Hochstein has been dispatched to Israel and Lebanon in an effort to ease tensions and explore potential off-ramps from the current escalation.