The far right leads in the polls ahead of the French elections

Macron's coalition is losing support ahead of snap elections

by Faruk Imamovic
The far right leads in the polls ahead of the French elections
© Getty Images/Corentin Fohlen

France is preparing for early elections on June 30 and July 7. according to the latest poll by Ipsos for several media outlets and institutes, this election looks set to confirm the strength of the far right in the country. The left is trying to catch up with the extreme right, while President Emmanuel Macron's coalition lags behind both blocs.

High output and polarization

The election arouses great interest among French voters. The poll predicts turnout between 61% and 65%, significantly higher than the 47.5% recorded in the previous parliamentary elections two years ago. Such a high expected turnout indicates how interested voters are in these special elections called by President Macron after the weak result of his coalition in the European elections.

"French voters seem to be very interested in these elections called by President Emmanuel Macron on June 9 after the European elections in which his coalition won only 14.6% of the vote," according to Le Monde.

Three blocks in a race

According to the survey, the far-right bloc has the best chance of winning the most votes. Behind them follows the left united in the new popular front (nouveau front populaire - NFP). In third place is Macron's weakened coalition, which lost support after the European elections.

These results show that the French political scene is deeply divided between three main blocs. On one side is the strong extreme right which is attracting more and more voters, on the other is the united left which is trying to match it, and in the middle is the weakened Macron's coalition which is losing support.

The survey conducted by Ipsos is very extensive and included 11,820 respondents, which gives it a high degree of reliability. However, it should be kept in mind that the situation may change by election day, especially given that the campaign is still ongoing.

In the coming days, the campaign of all political options is expected to intensify. voters will have a chance to hear the final arguments and promises before making a final decision on Election Day. It remains to be seen whether the poll's predictions will be confirmed at the polls or whether there will be any surprises.