Cognac sales soar 31 per cent as American, Chinese drinkers go upmarket

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Cognac sales soar 31 per cent as American, Chinese drinkers go upmarket

The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC), a France-based coordination and decision-making association in Cognac industry, said in a statement on Monday that Cognac sales had ramped up last year, mostly driven by a jump in consumption in the United States and China.

In point of fact, latest report from BNIC, the 76-year old industry trade association, came forth as an auspicious sign that premium drinks makers might have left the pandemic scars behind. According to BNIC, sales of Cognac, a type of brandy produced in Cognac, France, soared nearly 31 per cent to €3.6 billion, while sales volumes climbed 16 per cent to 223.2 million bottles, as American and Chinese drinkers appeared to have returned to the old vintage.

Meanwhile, adding that Cognac sales had spurred up to a pre-pandemic level in 2021, BNIC said in a statement, “This growth reflects a real recovery of cognac, as well as new consumption habits”.

Cognac sales soar 31 per cent in 2021

Adding further silver lining on Cognac sales over coming months, BNIC added in the statement that Cognac sales would highly likely to remain positive in all regions. Aside from that, latest BNCI report that underscored a sharp rebound in sales of Cognac last year, came against the backdrop of a remark from French Champagne industry last month which had highlighted that sales of spirit companies could hit a record in 2021.

Breaking off the BNIC data further, Cognac sales leapt 11 per cent at its largest market, the United States, to 115 million bottles, while Cognac’s second-largest market, China, had witnessed an upsurge in sales of 56 per cent to 34 million bottles.

Sales of Cognac in Europe, climbed 8 per cent to 37.1 million bottles.